Men’s Haircuts: Fresh Fall 2016 Runway Looks to Try Now

Your definitive guide to some of the best haircuts to try this Fall.

Now that men’s has a specific fashion week season dedicated to them, it makes the focus on all things men (hair, men’s grooming and outfits) that much easier. Aside from man curls, for the Men’s Fall 2016/2017 season we are also addicted to the new men’s haircuts that were displayed on the runways. Some low, some high, and some that involve just a little bit of a buzz and cut here and there.

It’s officially September which marks the beginning of Fall, and for you, this should also commence a fresh start and a fresh new cut. Here’s our guide definitive guide to the hottest men’s haircuts to try this season.

Men’s Haircuts: The Top Looks for the Fall Season

men's haircuts comb back
Top men’s haircuts of the season involve looks that need minimal grooming. Photo credit:

1. The Comb Back

The comb over look was a big hit for the Spring/Summer season, but now, it’s all about smoothing the look back for a clean, classic and fresh spin. First, things first, nailing this look begins in the barbers seat. Have your sides cut fairly low but not too low to mimic the undercut fade. For the top, make sure your hair is long enough to be slicked back with slight movement for a not-so-stiff look.

men's haircuts textured fade
When it comes to brushing your hair, light and easy strokes are the key to a textured finished. Photo credit:

2. The Textured Fade

This look gives “bed head” a new meaning, but we are not saying to forgo the brushing step when it comes to grooming and styling your hair. Instead, use light strokes to prevent combing out your natural texture.

men's haircuts curly hair with line up
Keep your curly haircut fresh this season with a clean lineup. Photo credit:

3. The Curly Shape Up

The low maintenance style of the season is this curly shape up. How does this style require little-to-no work? Well, all you need is a clean shape up. For your weekly or bi-weekly haircut appointments keep your hairline intact with a fresh line-up. At home, style your texture with some paste or pomade that’ll help you achieve shine, definition, and texture. We love Axe Natural Look: Softening Cream.

men's haircut hightop
Opt for a cooler take on the high top haircut by pulling out a few pieces for an undone texture. Photo credit:

4. The Slightly Neat High-Top

Let’s face it, hairstyles that have just a pinch of an undone touch are what’s popping right now. The new spin on this ’90s hair comeback is packed with some serious flavor. Gone are the days when guys are whipping out their afro pick to keep things neat, high and tight. Give your hightop a bit of personality by pulling out a few pieces.

men's haircut buzzcut
This season the low buzz is out and the high buzz is in. Photo credit:

5. The High Buzz

When you think about the buzzcut the first thing that comes to mind is a super low spiky cut. This season the spiky part still exists but the go-to length is not so low anymore. Opt for this new take on the cut. To keep the look fluffy, clean, and to keep your hair from clumping together, use a shampoo and conditioner that leaves hair full and thick looking. Our top pick: Dove Men + Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2-In- 1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

men's haircut fringe
Fringe benefits! Style your bangs into this classy side style this season. Photo credit:

6. The Side Fringe

More and more men are into finding new ways to style their fringes. This side style is super easy, clean, and stylish. To keep the look polished and in place, use a styling pomade like Dove Men + Care Defining Pomade.

Looking for more men’s haircuts? Check out the best fade haircuts of the season.

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