10 Trendy Ideas for Haircuts That Are Short on Sides, Long on Top

10 ways to wear the hottest trend of the season.

If you’re one of those guys who knows your barber by name and asks for “the regular” every time you stop in, chances are you’re probably ready for a change. Short on sides long on top haircuts are all the rage in men’s hairstyle trends this season. There are many different ways to wear this look and just as many ways to style it. Check out our collection of 15 trendy short on sides long on top haircuts for guys to try this season:

Trendy Short on Sides Long on Top Haircuts

short on sides long on top tousled curls
This short sides long top style lets you embrace your natural texture.

1. Tousled Curls

Styling this haircut couldn’t be any easier for all you curly-haired guys out there. Simply run your fingers through your curls and go. If you’re looking for a little extra definition in your curls then run Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse through your damp hair.

short on sides long on top spiked up
Consider this gravity-defying long on top short on sides style.

2. Spiked Up

Spike the longer portion of your haircut up and away from your face to achieve this gravity-defying style. Hold your style in place with a mist of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Smooth Hold Level 2.

short on sides long on top spiked together
Wear the long hair on top brushed together.

3. Brushed Together

Brush all the long hair on top to the center of your head for punk-inspired look.

short on sides long on top spiked brunette
This is one of our favorite short sides long top hairstyles.

4. Laid-back Texture

Play up the texture in your hair with this laid-back texture. Let your hair dry naturally after your shower, run your fingers through your style and wear this laid-back style with ease.

short on sides long on top pomade styled
Use a little bit of hair pomade to create this look.

5. Styled

Grab a dime-sized amount of Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade and comb the product through your hair. Slick it straight back to achieve this brushed back look.

short on sides long on top natural hair
Filed under: natural hairstyles short on sides long on top.

6. Natural

Wear your curls natural and opt for a fade haircut to show them off up on top.

short on sides long on top messy windblown
Don’t worry about the weather.

7. Windswept

The weather and the elements can sometimes have a negative effect on our strands. Humidity? No, thank you. Crazy amounts of wind? That’s usually a hard no. This messy windswept style allows you to embrace a messy look and stop worrying about how the weather will affect your strands.

short on sides long on top gray slicked back
These long on top short on sides hairstyles work for all ages.

8. Shades of Gray

Slick your strands back and show off your sophisticated and mature color.

short on sides long on top gelled combed
Slick your style down.

9. Slicked Down

Slick your hair down right after your shower using a comb.

short on sides long on top curly brunette
One of our favorite curly hairstyles: long on top short on sides.

10. Wild Curls

Skip the hair product and wear your curls loose and wild. The fact that they’re longer on top and shorter on the sides will keep them somewhat uniform and will make the styling process easy for you.

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