10 Faux Hawk Taper Cuts to Let Out Your Inner Rockstar

Rock out in these tapered faux hawk cuts.

Do you want a style that’s as edgy, but still extremely wearable for everyday occasions? Then check out one of our favorite edgy looks: the faux hawk taper. This twist on the classic faux hawk is keeping your hair a shorter length on the sides that tapers down to the nape of your neck. Plus, styling the longer length of hair in the center in various ways is a great way to switch up the style.

Don’t let your hair fall flat in another boring look! Try out one of these awesome fauxhawk fade haircut styles:

10 Faux Hawk Taper Haircuts to Try

Ready for some faux hawk inspiration and to find your next haircut look? Check out these edgy styles below.

1. Gelled

faux hawk taper gel
Gel your faux hawk for a cool, alternative look.

Let your inner rock star shine through with this cool gelled look. Make sure you’re gelling your faux hawk taper with AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel to hold an effortlessly styled look all day long.

2. Blow Out

faux hawk taper blown out
Blow out your tapered faux hawk.

Blowing out your tapered faux hawk will give it an extra boost of volume and fullness. Why not take that extra step in styling for a more healthier-looking ‘do?

3. Clean Cut

faux hawk taper clean cut
Go for the clean-cut look.

Keep your style clean-cut and in control. If you’re looking for an edgy look that’s still appropriate for work, then this is the style to turn to. Keep your hair low-key and tame all day long with AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream.

4. Skin Fade Faux Hawk

faux hawk taper skin fade
Create a drastic hair gradient with a skin fade faux hawk.

Go bold with your faux hawk fade style by creating this badass skin fade. Pair it with a short, chopped buzz cut like above to give your style extra attitude.

5. Short Faux Hawk

faux hawk taper short faux hawk
Short and simple is always a way to go.

Need a hairstyle that’s unique but still as low-maintenance and carefree as you are? Then a short and subtle faux hawk will do just the trick.

6. Curly

faux hawk taper curly
Rock your natural curls.

Keep your curls tangle-free and soft to the touch all day long by using AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream.

7. High Fade

faux hawk taper high fade
Get faded with this cut.

This modern twist on the low fade faux hawk is all you need for an effervescent style.

8. Spiked

faux hawk taper spiked
Go edgy with this spiked style.

Keep things fresh with this punk-rock style. Give your hair an added spiked look by using AXE Spiked-Up Look: Styling Putty.

9. Classic Faux Hawk

faux hawk taper classic
Create a cool, classic look.

If you’re more into classic, laid-back looks, then this classic faux hawk is the perfect fit to your style.

10. Overgrown Fade

faux hawk taper overgrown fade
When in doubt, grow it out.

Don’t want to deal with going to the barber regularly to clean up your fade? Then grow it out for a modern rocker look.

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