10 Modern and Cool Versions of the Edgar Haircut

Styles that you haven't seen before.

The Edgar haircut rose in popularity initially among Latino Gen Z guys, but it has now crossed over. The cut gained its namesake after a popular baseball player cut his hair with this never-seen style. The Edgar is the latest variation of the classic Caesar and bowl cuts, meaning long on the top with taper fade sides. Thanks to its unique characteristics, the Edgar is the hairstyle of choice for many mainstream rappers and pop singers. There are different ways to rock this haircut, and we’re bringing you the most popular styles.

Best Variations of the Edgar Haircut to Choose From

1. Fluffy Edgar haircut

Edgar haircut4
This fluffy Edgar haircut is perfect for thick, straight hair.

Calling all fans of fluffy hairstyles! This version of the Edgar cut is fantastic for boys who love voluminous styling. Use your favorite wax to add fluff to your hair and make this iconic heart shape. Try AXE Messy Look: Matte Wax to mold and hold the volume you created.

2. 70s Edgar with a Shaved Design

Edgar haircut7
Talk about something old becoming new again. This cut is perfect!

If you are a fan of retro-modern haircuts, this variation of the Edgar straight from the 70s is just the thing. The victory roll twisted hair on top and tattooed shaved sides are the perfect combos. Use a strong hold gel like AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel to mold your hair in any form you like.

3. Curly Edgar

Edgar haircut
We like how the Edgar looks on curly hair, especially this rounded variation.

For our guys with curly hair, this cut is also great. You can leave it as long on the top as you like. Ask your barber to shave your sides to create a taper or contrast with your hair length. You can be as bold as you want.

4. Bleached Edgar Haircut

Edgar haircut8
For the straight, long-hair fans out there, this style of the cut is calling you.

As we mentioned in the introduction, this cut is a cross between the Caesar and bowl cuts, so any variations are allowed. For the long hair lovers, this modern take Edgarish cut is straight from your favorite K-drama.

5. Side-Swept Taper Fade

Edgar haircut 11
Brushing your entire hair to one side will create this deep side parting.

This side-swept Edgar is ideal for the conservative man who wants lots of hair on the crown and less on the temples. The best way to style this cut is by brushing all the hair to one side and across the forehead.

6. Brush-Back Undercut

Edgar Haircut 8
The drama from this brush-back undercut is undeniable.

If you like drama in a haircut, this brush-back cut with a defined undercut is made for you. To create this dramatic effect, make sure to prepare your hair with a moisturizing pomade such as SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Waves Pomade. For extra hold, proceed to brush your hair with gel to seal the curl-back effect.

7. Comb-Over Soccer Style

Edgar haircut6
This version of the Edgar is popular among soccer players.

This version of the cut is very popular among all European soccer players, and we understand why. If you have straight, fine hair like our model, use a strong hold hair gel to brush your hair back in place.

8. V-Shape at the Nape

Edgar haircut3
If you like unique haircuts, this Edgar with a V shape on the back is just the thing.

The Edgar haircut is already unique, but if you want to make a more significant statement, a V-shape on the back is all you need. The contrast between the curls and the shaved fade is phenomenal, and we’re here for it!

9. V-Shape on the Forehead

Edgar haircut5
This pointy version of the Edgar is trending now.

If you like the drama front and center, why not ask your barber to cut a V-shape on your forehead? The impact of this haircut is obvious, especially with the second layer of hair on the crown. We love it, don’t you?

10. Cascading Mohawk Edgar Haircut

Edgar haircut 11
A cascading Mohawk Edgar? Yes, it’s possible.

This Edgar hybrid is perfect for the guy who loves mixing and matching different haircuts. We love it on thick, straight hair, so the cascading effect is higher than life. Hairspray is your best friend to create the volume this style deserves.

What’s your favorite version of this trendy haircut?

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