Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Trend Spotting: The Razor Fade Pompadour Haircut

A hard, shaven part = the difference between involved and committed.

We all love ourselves a good, crisp fade—hardly anything comes close to the clean, spiffy vibe of a freshly-faded haircut. So much so that the look has now become a new classic, with tweaks and modern spins such as the razor fade pompadour haircut, making its way to the popular industry lexicon.

Read on as we deconstruct this latest version and see why it’s actually one of the most sustainably stylish looks of the moment:

Spotlight On The Razor Fade Pompadour Haircut: What It Is, How to Style It

razor fade pompadour haircut side shave
The razor fade features a clear, shaven partline. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

The razor fade pompadour haircut is a pomp styled with a high, hard-parted fade, usually created with the use of shaving clippers instead of just combing hair to one side. Though a bit similar to the look of an undercut, the faded pomp is more blended at the sides, and has tops that are usually styled in a voluminous, somewhat texturized look.

Need a new hair regimen?

How to Style it at Home:

1. Start on clean hair.

Second-day hair can be a bit slicker and harder to volumize than clean hair, which tends to be poufier and encourages more lift. To ensure strands are cleansed (but not overstripped), wash with an efficient clarifying shampoo, like Axe Dual 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, and towel-dry thoroughly.

2. Apply a small amount of product.

razor fade pompadour haircut fluffy black hair
Crisp notching at the temples is also one of the hallmarks of this look. Photo credit: Dvora

Start with less than you think you need—around a finger-swipe or dime-sized amount should suffice—as you can always add more as needed. For styling a razor fade pompadour haircut, we love layering a cream for lightweight volume at the fringe or hairline, then topping it off with a bit of texturizing wax at the very tops for grit and interest. Try reinforcing your base with Axe Natural Look: Softening Cream, then point-styling with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste. To apply product evenly without overkill, spread onto palms and rub, rub, rub till hands aren’t sticky—only then are you to spread it onto hair.

3. Blow-dry only when necessary.

razor fade pompadour haircut blowdry at an angle
Apply product, then blow-dry hair upwards from the forehead (and at an angle) to create lift that stays. Photo credit: Dvora

If you’re more meticulous and/or have a bit more time to spare, a blowdryer can definitely pump up more volume at the root. To do so, focus the nozzle on your forehead facing upwards, giving hair a gentle tug at the roots as you’re drying. The razor fade pompadour haircut can be styled at an angle or straight upwards, depending on preference. Personally, we like a slight 45-degree tilt, as this gives eyes a focal point and is more forehead-forgiving. In any case, have fun with this weekday-to-weekend style and get ready to look on-point the whole day.

Want more cutting-edge looks? Check out our roundup of even more men’s hairstyle trends for the new season.

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Need a new hair regimen?
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