10 Mohawk Comb Over Styles for Men to Try Now

10 mohawk styles to inspire your walk on the wild side.

While mohawk comb over styles generally have a reputation for being on the edgy and rebellious side of the hairstyle spectrum, there are some iterations that are more classy and wearable. This collection of mohawk comb over styles, in particular, fits into what we generally consider appropriate for any environment.

10 Mohawk Comb Over Styles

Thinking about giving a mohawk a try? Read on for inspiration:

1. Styled Swoop

mohawk comb over styled swoop
Style your mohawk into the perfect swoop.

Comb your mohawk over into a styled swoop for a sleek and unique look. Use a mist of TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to set your style in place and ensure that it lasts all day. Balance this voluminous look with a mid-length beard to really make it trendy,

2. Natural Mohawk

mohawk comb over natural hair
Style your natural hair into a mohawk.

Add some extra height and volume to your natural hair by styling it in a mohawk. Consider combining this style with a smooth fade to nail two trends at once. This style is one of our favorites because it mixes short and long styles in one cool look.

3. Multi-Colored Mohawk

mohawk comb over multi colored
Opt for a colorful mohawk.

Thinking about trying something a little flashier? Take your mohawk to the next level by having your stylist at pink, purple, and blue hues to your strands. Make sure to bring this photo to your stylist when you go in for your appointment so they really get an idea of the colors you’re aiming for.

4. Hot Pink

mohawk comb over hot pink
Go even bolder with a hot pink mohawk.

Brighten up your style with a bright pop of hot pink. This color is bold and attention-grabbing and will guarantee regular head-turning encounters. The upkeep on a hair color like this is no joke, so make sure you’re ready for a hair commitment!

5. Gelled Mohawk

mohawk comb over gelled
Use hair gel to style your strands.

Hair gel is one of those nonnegotiable hair products for guys with mohawks. We suggest Dove Men + Care Well Defined Taming Gel for an extra-strong hold and sleek shine.

6. Mohawk-Fade Hybrid

mohawk comb over dark brunette fade
Mix two of this season’s trendiest styles.

This mohawk-fade hybrid is a mix of two of this season’s trendiest styles. Comb the mohawk portion of this style in an upwards direction for some subtle definition and style.

7. Office Appropriate

mohawk comb over brunette
Keep your mohawk clean-cut for your corporate days.

A simple mohawk that sits on top of a cleanly shaven fade is the ideal way to make a mohawk office appropriate. This look is edgy yet not too over-the-top and is ideal for anyone keeping to a light dress code.

8. Add a Beard

mohawk comb over beard
Pair your mohawk with a beard.

Consider growing out your beard for an extra sharp look. Keep your hair and beard neat and tidy by regularly trimming both. This ensures that your look stays sharp and is never overgrown or messy.

9. Spiked Up

mohawk comb over asian hair spiked
Opt for a change of direction with a spiked-up mohawk.

Spike your mohawk up and over the side for a classic mohawk comb over. Run AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade through your strands for an extra dose of shine and texture.

10. Volume in the Front

mohawk comb over asian hair
Add just a touch of volume to the front of your mohawk.

Add a little volume to the front of your mohawk style for an easy way to mask thinning hair. Give the illusion of a thicker set of strands in just a few moments.

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