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Master Quiff Hair with this Easy Hair Tutorial

Nail the cut, then conquer the style.

Quiff hair: You can dress it up or dress it down. No wonder it’s one of the most coveted hairstyles for men! The versatility of having a quiff hairstyle allows you to wear it spiky for an edgy or rocker-inspired look, extremely voluminous if you’re going for a bold statement, or messy for a cool, disheveled feel.

Let’s keep things simple and on the neat side by starting off with classic quiff hair, one that can take you from the office to a night out on the town. Sounds like a good transitional hairstyle, right? We definitely think so too; and trust us, this is one of the easiest men’s hairstyles to try. Read on to see how you can get your best quiff hair yet beginning in the barber’s chair, all the way to your own quick and easy two-step, day-to-day styling routine.

Quiff Hair Tutorial: From Haircut to Styling

quiff hair with the right cut and shape
To get your best quiff ever, it all begins in the barber’s chair.

What to Tell Your Barber

To create your best quiff ever, first you’ll need the proper haircut as a canvas. You’ll also need hair long enough to be cut into the style and length you desire. For the top middle section of your hair it’s best to have gradual layers that blend in and help create the perfect looking slope for the quiff.

The front of your hair should be the longest in order to have the ability to shape and whip back on top of the bottom layers. For example: Ask your barber to leave about six inches at the front hairline section, about 4 1/2 inches for the middle and about three inches towards to the back. For the area surrounding your quiff-to-be section, you can opt for cleanly shaven sides, with an undercut-inspired haircut at the back, or you can leave two inches around your temple area with a guard that gradually increases in length towards the back for a medium-to-low fade effect. Most guys opt for the latter as it gives a more natural-looking vibe.

Create Volume with a Blowdryer

Step 1: Start on clean hair

After towel- or air-drying, spray a heat protectant like TRESemmé Platinum Heat Spray throughout your hair. Using a blow dryer on a warm setting and with the concentration nozzle attached, begin to blow-dry hair in the direction you want your quiff to go, whether it’s to the right, left or straight back. A touch of volume is key for the quiff hairstyleafter all, this is what makes the overall look! The blow dryer will help give height and volume to your hair. If you have naturally coarse or curly hair, hold your strands taut while blow-drying to help straighten out your texture.

Define and Set in Place

Step 2: Apply pomade

Using Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade, apply a dime-sized amount to your hair and smooth it through your strands to set and keep your quiff hair in place. The pomade will give your hair a pliable hold for mold and definition as well as a smooth finish. If you’re doing this in a hurry, focus your blow dryer on the back of your hair using cool air on a low setting to set hair instantly. Warning: If you choose a high setting, hair might get blown out of proportion, and we don’t want that!

quiff hair haircut
Have a flyaway? Smooth your hands over your hair with pomade to set hair in place.

Pro tip: If you ever need to smooth things out while on the go, the pliable hold from styling pomade allows to you fix, update or smooth any cowlicks in your quiff hair throughout the day.

Have you tried out this super easy quiff hair tutorial? Are you feeling the look?

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