7 Fathers Day Hair Ideas

Put your best hair forward, Daddio. 

Happy (almost) Fathers Day! While this day is all about relaxing and enjoying time with your family, it’s also a day when you are going to busy with brunch, activities and get-togethers. This also means a weekend of lots and lots of pictures! While the get up and go look might be your norm, why not mix things up a bit and try a new style. And we aren’t talking about really dramatic changes. Unless, of course, you are up for that! Read on to discover seven of our favorite Father’s Day hair ideas inspire your new ‘do this weekend.

Father’s Day Hair Ideas to Try

fathers day hair tousled

1. Messy bed head

Since you probably aren’t going to be able to sleep in on Father’s Day, why not look you did by creating a messy bed head-inspired look? Play with your hair by using some pomade, like the Axe Smooth Look Shine Pomade, which will help you to sculpt your hair as you create the right about of length and volume.

fathers day hair beard

2. Perfectly coiffed beard

Having a scruffy beard is your thing. We can totally dig that. On Father’s Day, why not groom your beard and mustache by using a beard comb. After your beard is groomed, use some BedHead by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste to help you tame any stray hairs or flyaways.

father's day hair blonde

3. Add some color

If you’ve got an impulse to try something really new, why not add some hair color to your look? As a Dad, you might not want something too dramatic where you might find the perfect balance in subtle blonde or bronde highlights. If you have time, go to your hairdresser or stylist to get the right color.

Father's day hair ideas short

4. Go for a part change

Your hair might be the last thing you want to deal with over the weekend. A subtle change that you can try is to switch your part by moving the way you normally part it to the other side. You’ll be amazed at how this simple look can change the look of your face without having to do much!

father's day hair thin hair

5. Style your thin hair

Even Dad’s with thin hair can have a stylized look. After you wash, condition and dry your hair, use some pomade like, Axe Clean-Cut Look: Classic Pomade, which will help you to smooth out any frizz or wayward strands.

Father's Day hair loose curls

6. Loose curls

You like length, but not that much. Style your curls this Father’s Day with some assistance. Use some mousse like the that will help you to create bouncy and long-lasting curls. Bonus: it isn’t heavy and it won’t weight down your awesome curly locks!
father's day hair ideas

7. Go for a slight spike

We all want to be a little edgy with our hair every now and again. Guys with short hair might think that they don’t have that many options, but we love a slight spike that can be created on even the shortest of styles. Use some paste, like the Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste, which can help you to create a matte and textured (a.k.a. not stiff) finish.

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