Hair Colors for Men to Inspire Your Next Look

Miriam Herst | 02 October 2018

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Thinking about changing up your look, but not sure exactly which direction you want to go in? We’ve created a collection of hair colors for men for you to explore. These hair color ideas will give you a range of looks to choose from: From icy blue to inky black, there’s definitely something for everyone here!

Keep reading to check out some of our favorite hair colors for men.

19 of the Hottest Hair Colors for Men

hair colors for men almost black
A subtler version of inky black hair.

1. Almost Black

If you’re looking to make a big statement with your hair color but aren’t quite ready to dive into inky black territory, then this almost-black dark shade of brown is a great option.

hair colors for men bleach blonde fade
Two trends in one.

2. Trendsetter

A fade and a bleached-all-over hue? Sign us up. Rock two trends in one and pair this cut with a classic tamed hipster beard for even more trend points. Keep your style in place with AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade.

hair colors for men bleach blonde highlights
Embrace the late ’90s/Early Aughts.

3. The 2000s are Back

In case you haven’t heard, the Early Aughts are back. This variation on frosted tips is one of our personal favorites.

hair colors for men blonde streaks
You’ll want to head to a professional to achieve this look.

4. Highlights

Head to a pro to create this perfect balance of light brown and creamy blonde.

hair colors for men just the ends
Opt for highlights that hit right where the sun naturally shines.

5. Something Natural

Opt for highlights that hit your strands right where the sun does for an ultra-natural look.

hair colors for men inky black
Bold and beautiful.

6. Inky Black

Black is a classic for a reason. Opt for something bold and classic by rocking an inky black hue.

hair colors for men highlighted strands
Think of this as balayage for men.

7. So Subtle

This look is so subtle that you might miss it if you’re not looking close enough. A super subtle balayage look adds some color without making too big of a statement.

hair colors for men golden blonde
We consider this the golden standard of blonde hair.

8. Golden Blonde

Lighten up on top with golden blonde waves.

hair colors for men choppy blonde
This bright blonde color pairs perfectly with a choppier haircut.

9. Choppy Blonde

Pair bleach blonde strands with a choppy layered haircut for a super edgy style.

hair colors for men light blue hair
This icy blue hue is refreshing for summer and bold for winter.

10. Blue is Best

This icy blue hue is the perfect way to rock a beach-friendly summery vibe, and will also look incredible this winter paired with soft knit sweaters.

hair colors for men natural gray
Let your hair do its thing.

11. Let it Grow

Letting your hair grow can sometimes be the best move as far as mens hair color ideas go. Age gracefully by going gray at the temples and letting your beard reflect that silver-foxy vibe too.

hair colors for men rooty blonde hair
Hair colors for men: Proof that rooty blonde hair isn’t just for Instagram bloggers.

12. Rooty Blonde

Rooted blonde hair is a great way to add some dimension to your strands, especially when you let your hair grow a little longer. This color looks great when worn down or when you show it off it a man bun.

hair colors for men salt and pepper
Let it grow.

13. Salt and Pepper

There’s nothing like a little salt and pepper combo when it comes to hair color. Everyone goes gray at different stages and we believe there’s a strong argument to be made for just letting it grow.

hair colors for men sandy blonde
There’s something sweet and dependable about this sandy blonde color.

14. Sandy Blonde

This is potentially the most versatile blonde hair color out there. Pair it with a bowl cut for an even sweeter vibe.

hair colors for men white blonde highlights
Hair colors for men: Lighten up just the top layer.

15. Just the Top Now

Lighten up just the top layer of your hair and slick it back with a dime-size amount of AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel.

hair colors for men thin highlights
Hair colors for men: Highlight select scattered strands.

16. Select Strands

Inflict minimal damage on your hair while still rocking a color trend. A few lighter, scattered highlights will show off your natural texture while adding a little bit of dimension.

hair colors for men sun kissed highlights
Rock a beachy look all year round.

17. Beach Vibes

Sun-kissed highlights let you rock a beachy look all year round and so does a spritz of Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

hair colors for men subtle brassy blonde highlights
This brassy blonde color requires minimal maintenance.

18. Brassy Blonde

Minimal upkeep is always a great thing in our book. You can let this brassy blonde color do its thing after just one treatment for a grungy feel.

hair colors for men silver hair
Go all natural or have your hair professionally dyed this light.

19. Silver

As we’ve seen from the silver hair trend, this color works for men of all ages.

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