14 Ways to Spin the South of France Haircut

Destination: High style.

What happens when you mix a mohawk with a fade haircut? You get the South of France haircut! A South of France haircut, a.k.a. the “gentleman’s fade,” a name coined by a celebrity rapper and his barber, typically involves having super low burst fade on the sides of your hair which almost looks like a clean, bald-ish version of a fohawk. Many men, however, have taken this look to new heights.

What is the South of France haircut?

south of france haircut 2016
The South of France haircut AKA the gentleman’s mohawk. Credit: Instagram.com/ericlloyd26

The South of France haircut is a close cousin of the frohawk and mohawk. But because of its softer shape and relatively low height and width, it also goes by the name of ‘the gentleman’s mohawk’. Dapper, right? Credit:@ericlloyd26

Why should I take notice of it?

If a famous collar poppin’ rapper isn’t enough of a reason for you to take notice of this haircut, you might want to consider it if you’ve always liked the idea of a mohawk but are concerned that it could potentially be too intense for you. As we mentioned before, it’s a great way to get the right balance between sophisticated and edgy (a real bonus!).

Is it difficult to style or maintain?

The South of France requires very little maintenance. And the best part is that this cut looks even better if you have curly, coily or kinky hair! The hairstyle’s different dimensions and subtle burst fade will celebrate the texture of your mane rather than fight it. But this doesn’t mean you should drop the ball on your hair care regimen!

What if it looks too 80s?

We know you’re worried that you might look like a certain iconic ’80s TV star, but rest assured that you won’t be a fool to pity… Its width and subtle burst fade prevent this style from looking like a classic mohawk. In fact, the hairdo – if done correctly – should look like a classic fade cut from the front. It’s only when you’re looking at it from the side that it can seem distantly connected to the frohawk.

What should I ask for?

black men's south of france haircut
The cool south of France cut. Credit: Instagram.com/a_gentlemen1989

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get the South of France haircut but your barber doesn’t have a clue about how to create it? Here’s what you should ask for: a wide four-dimensional cut with a burst fade on the sides. If you’d like, you can keep the length on top, but if you want to keep it authentic, it’s better to keep it around 2 inches.

Credit: a_gentlemen1989

There’s always more than one way to wear a look. It’s all about finding the hairstyle or haircut that fits your personal style. Some men like their South of France haircut with curls; some like it with twists, and some like it a little grown out with twists.

Need help looking for your South of France style? Scroll through this gallery for our favorite takes on this popular haircut:

1. Combed Out South of France Style

south of france haircut: groomed look
Pick it out to create a groomed look.

Looking for a style that also involves a ’90s-inspired high-top but with a more modern spin? Try this combed out effect. Use a hair pick to detangle and pick out your hair using a styling cream like AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to soften and add shine, then use a comb to help create the shape.

2. Curly South of France Haircut

south of france haircut: curls
Style the look with textured curls.

This is one of the most popular takes on the South of France cut. A lot of men pair their look up with curls. Use a gel like Dove Men+Care Control Gel to help define your curls, then use your hands to pick the curls apart and add texture.

3. Combed Out Curls South of France Haircut

combed out curls south of france haircut
The more texture the better.

Not into the super defined curls look? Try a combed-out effect. Use your fingers to finger comb through your curls to create an undone, lived-in look.

4. Grown Out Fade South of France Cut

Grown out south of france haircut
The lived-in look.

You can still go the scruffier route without appearing ungroomed. This is the perfect example of a grown-out fade that still looks approachable. If you want to make sure your hair stays in place, you can style it with AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel.

5. South of France Haircut High Top Twist

south of france haircut high top twist
Twist your curls.

This look is great for college boys and beyond. Create a fun element to your look with the twisted effect. Twirl the very ends of your curls to create twisted ends. You can use a gel to help create hold.

6. Kinky Curly Texture

south of france haircut: curly texture
A cool take on the South of France cut.

Have a kinky curl pattern? Embrace your texture with this iteration of the South of France cut. Pick out different pieces of hair to help create dimension with your high-top area.

7. Low South of France Cut

low south of france haircut
Go low.

High-tops and curls not for you? You can definitely create the South of France haircut look with a mid-top. Use a fine-toothed comb to comb through and maintain the shape of your hair.

8. Mini Twists South of France Cut

south of france haircut: twists
Try the look with dreads or twists.

Whether you have dreads or twists, both of these styles can be paired up with the South of France look.

9. Versatile Twists South of France Cut

south of france haircut: twists
Wear this look anywhere.

The previous cut was so nice, we added it in twice. Here’s proof that the look can be worn to any setting.

10. Blown Out South of France Style

south of france haircut: blowout
High and mighty. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Want a standout style? Blow it out for a high impact look.

11. Grown Out Fade

south of france haircut: grown out fade
Looks even better as the hair grows out.

The beauty of the South of France style is that it looks just as good with a lived-in or grown out texture.

12. Short Top

south of france haircut: short
You don’t need to have a high haircut to nail the look.

While most men tend to get this cut with a higher haircut, lower haircuts complement the south of France haircut looks as well.

13. South of France Cut with Tight Curls

south of France haircut: tight
Pick out tight curls with a comb to create a fuller effect.

Have super coily hair? Use a gel to help define your coils and use an afro pick to create a fuller effect on your look.

14. South of France Cut with Dreadlocks

south of france haircut: dreadlocks
This mini dread style looks great with this cut.

Whether you have large dreadlocks or mini dreadlocks, these looks pair well with the South of France haircut mohawk-inspired style.

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