15 Ways to Wear Military Haircuts and How to D.I.Y. This Style

Miriam Herst | 13 March 2018

A closely shaven cut that will keep you cool this summer.

With summer approaching and the temps rising, why not get in on the military haircuts trend? This classic cut is combo of the popular fade style and buzz cut, that’s a cool, breezy and really easy option for summer. The military haircuts style features a cropped top and almost completely cleanly shaven bottom. The only downfall is this cut requires frequent upkeep, so learning to do it on your own will be both a money and time saver. But on the other hand, minimal product is needed, which can be a major bonus if you are no-fuss kind of dude. To master this look for yourself, check out our easy guide so that you can easily learn how to get the classic military haircut.

But first, before you learn how to keep up with your haircut, flip through this gallery of 15 military haircuts to inspire the initial chop:

 15 Ways to Wear Military Haircuts

military haircut slight curls
Leave your curls a little long on top.

1. Slight Curls

Don’t lose your curls to your military haircut. Leave the top with just enough length to let your curls do their thing and show them off with your new edgy haircut.

military haircut side hard part
Work a hard part into your style.

2. Hard Part

Incorporate a hard part into your military haircut to give your style even more of an edge. The hard part is exactly what it sounds like – a slightly exaggerated part that adds a touch of drama and boldness to your overall look.

military haircut short bristled
Wear your style closely shaven.

3. Closely Shaven

Ask your barber to give you a closely shaven, short and cropped style to achieve a classic military haircut.

military haircut medium brown
Keep it short and cropped.

4. Cleanly Shaven

The name of the game with this haircut is to keep it as neat and clean as possible. The closer the shave, the neater the style.

military haircut light blonde beard
Balance the look out with a beard.

5. Balanced with a Beard

If the closely shaved look is a little bit too dramatic for you, you can always balance out the haircut with a beard.

military haircut heavy top
Leave the top heavy.

6. Heavy on Top

Leave your hair a little heavier on top for the ultimate perfect balance.

military haircut grown out blonde
Transition into a classic fade

7. Grown Out

Once you’re ready to transition out of this style, don’t worry about growing your hair out. Let the top grow and keep the bottom short and opt for a classic fade. Run Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste through the top to keep your strands in check.

military haircut grown out black hair
Show off your color.

8. Dark and Handsome

Show off your dark bold hair color with an attention grabbing style like the military haircut.

military haircut fade beard
Pair a classic fade with an on-trend beard.

9. Fade + Beard

Nail two trends at the same time by pairing your military cut with an on-trend beard.

military haircut dirty blonde hair
Keep it closely shaved with a classic military cut.

10. Keep it Close

The key to a classic military cut is keeping the style closely cropped.

military haircut closely shaved
Yet another way to wear the classic military style.

11. It’s a Classic

Proof that this haircut works on all hair types and textures and yet another reason to get in on the military haircuts trend.

military haircut clean shaven small mustache
Create a cohesive look with the right haircut-facial hair combination.

12. The Perfect Storm

Pair your military cut with a light mustache for a cohesive combination of on-trend styles.

a man with clean cut hairstyle wearing jeans and blue shirt
Making a case for this clean-cut look.

13. Cleanly Cut

This style is ideal for whatever you have on your agenda day-to-day. It’s both clean-cut and on-trend and works for virtually every occasion.

military haircut beard
Let your beard grow in.

14. Grown-In Beard

Balance out a clean and edgy haircut with a grown-in beard. You can’t go wrong with this hipster favorite.

military haircut barely there
Simple and statement-making at the same time.

15. Barely There

The lightest military cut of them all, this barely there style is both sexy and sophisticated.

How to Get the Military Haircut:

Step 1: Freshly washed hair is ready-to-be-cut hair. AXE Total Fresh 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Shower Gel makes this step quick and easy. Time to start cutting! Start with a professional set of clippers that includes a few different guard sizes. To start, use a cleaning solution that comes with the set or distilled white vinegar to clean the blades.


Step 2: Spray your hair with water to dampen it.

Step 3: The lower the guard size, the shorter the cut. For the perfect gradation, start by cutting your hair all over with a larger size guard. We would suggest starting with a three.

Step 4: Moving one third of the way down your head, repeat step three with a lower guard size and shave all the way to the bottom of your hair.

Step 5: Time for the fade line. You can position the fade line anywhere from right above your ears to two-three inches above that. Starting with the sideburns and moving towards the back of your head move the clippers sideways across the fade line. Angle the clippers so that only the bottom third of the clippers is touching your head.

Step 6: Depending on how drastic you want your fade to be, you may want to switch to a number one blade for the second fade line that generally hits right above your ear (or a bit below that if that’s where your original line was). Start at the bottom and shave upwards without going all the way to the top.

Step 7: Grab a comb and angle it against the top part of the fade and cut only the hair that stands above the teeth for a smooth midsection of the fade. Repeat this step all around your head.

Step 8: Using your fingers or the same comb, trim the top of your hair for an even cut. Lock your new style into place with AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel.


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