13 Best Medium to Long Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men in 2019

Get on board with these versatile medium to long hairstyles for men.

Sometimes your long hair can get a little too long. Medium to long hair is always cool, but letting it grow out too long can become an unruly bother. Don’t deal with knotted hair and unintentionally dreaded locks: If you’re in need of a new cut, we’ve got you! These men’s medium to long hairstyles are perfect for this season. And why wait? Upgrade your average cut with these fresh new styles ASAP. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the results! Read on:

1. Middle Part

men's medium to long hairstyles middle part
It’s time to bring back this ’90s grunge style.

This blast from the past cut will totally upgrade your looks. Don’t forget to style your mens medium to long hairstyles with AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel for added texture.

2. Side Faded Dreadlocks

men's medium to long hairstyles faded dreadlocks
Upgrade your dreads with a side fade.

Give your dreadlocks an added boost of stand-out style with a cool side fade.

3. Dyed Hair

men's medium to long hairstyles dyed hair
Any of these men’s medium to long hairstyles can be upgraded with some hair dye.

Give any of your medium to long men’s hairstyles an extra-cool look with a bright pop of yellow hair color.

4. Edgy Pompadour

men's medium to long hairstyles edgy pompadour
Give your pompadour an edge with some tussled locks.

Want a work-appropriate look that still makes you stand out? Then try styling your cut with AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste for a tousled look.

5. Afro

men's medium to long hairstyles afro
Rock your natural hair in an afro.

Let your natural locks flow freely in your men’s medium to long hairstyles by rockin’ this cool afro.

6. Messy Man Bun

men's medium to long hairstyles messy man bun
Make your man bun stand out by playing it down with some loose strands.

Try a stand-out style with this messy man bun look. Leave some strands out for added texture and carefree vibes.

7. Styled Side Shave

mens medium to long hairstyles styled side shave
Give your side shave a cool design.

Give your side shave a major upgrade by getting a design in the side. Make it simple and subtle or intricate; either way, you’ll definitely be the coolest kid on the block with this cut.

8. Classic Man Bun

mens medium to long hairstyles classic man bun
Nothing beats a classic look.

A man bun will always be one of the biggest men’s medium to long hairstyles winners, and for good reason. It’s versatile and edgy at the same time.

9. Styled Comb Over

mens medium to long hairstyles side combover
This isn’t your grandpa’s combover.

Give the classic comb over a modern twist with some volume and style. Use AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade to give your hair added thickness and volume when styling.

10. Bed Head

mens medium to long hairstyles bed head
Get the bed head look.

Get the tousled bed head look for a sexy style all day long.

11. High Top Fade

men's medium to long hairstyles high top fade
Reach new heights of style with this high top fade.

The high top style is super fresh and all about that clean cut style.

12. Undercut

mens medium to long hairstyles undercut
An undercut with a big statement.

This undercut look gives your style an added jaw-dropping edge.

13. Natural Waves

mens medium to long hairstyles natural waves
Go au natural with your medium to long men’s hairstyles.

Who said you actually had to style your hair for stylish locks? Just tame any frizz or unruly strand with AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream and you’re ready to head out.