The 7 Best Men’s Medium-Length Hairstyles for Summer

Time to step out of the box, gentlemen.

Lots of hair to work with, but not a clue what to do with it? Looks like our kind of happy problem. And just because the mercury’s rising doesn’t mean that you need to lop it all off for the summer, either: We’re all about looking for some fresh, stylish men’s medium hairstyles to shake your style up for the season ahead (hey, there’s no need for some drastic changes, if that’s not your thing!). That said, the hot, humid weather certainly makes things a bit more challenging—there’s nothing worse than feeling all frizzy and sticky when the weather gets hot. The endgame is still to look and feel fresh, after all.

If you’re looking for a summer ’do that’s both sexy yet neat enough to stay off that collar, we’ve got some that we think you will love.

The Best Men’s Medium Hairstyles for Summer 2016

scissored shiny comb over for men's medium hairstyles
How’s it going, slick? Photo credit:

1. Scissored comb-over

Put away the clippers: This look takes hallmarks from the classic comb-over, but with scissored sides and a tiny amount of volume. Ask your barber for an all-around clean cut just using thinning shears on the back and sides, and leave the top around 3 to 4” long. To style, blow-dry after showering to achieve some lift, and run some classic pomade such as Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade throughout the top. Create a hard part and comb away from that part, refining the back and sides as you go along.


men's medium hairstyles such as cropped mop tops
Floppy hair hack: A little softening product goes a long way. Photo credit:

2. Cropped mop top

Take this relaxed, bookish hairstyle a notch or two more sophisticated, and go with shorter layers on top. Ideal for those with wavier hair, the cut looks better (and more fun) when left to air-dry naturally, with just a hint of product, like Axe Signature Natural Look: Softening Cream, for some touchable hold. This look is all about organized chaos!


men's medium hairstyles with shiny layers
Brushing your layers back for work is a nifty way to show off some thickness while still looking neat. Photo credit:

3. Choppy layers

If you’re reading this, it’s too late—we’re already obsessing over your full head of hair. Enhance your thickness with some layers that are longer in the back and around ear-length near the hairline. Understand: This style is more shag, less mullet! Ask your stylist to pay attention to the layers around the ears, i.e. they should be well-blended. Style with minimal gel such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play concentrated on the back and hairline, and leave the top soft enough for her to run her fingers through.


men's medium hairstyles like a two-block fade
Like an undercut, but with a longer “tail.”

4. Two-block wave

A more industrial term for an undercut that’s popular in Asia (but with some nuance—read on), this is a cut that looks great on guys with thicker hair. For the full effect, the longest lengths should be around 4” on the crown and hairline. The “block” shape comes from the disconnect on the sides, and unlike a traditional undercut or fade which also tapers behind the head near your bump, the back is also kept a bit long, resulting in patches of hair that’s thick in two blocks (or a capital letter L, get it?). Meaning: More texture to play with, especially if you’ve got a perm going on. Why did this complicated-sounding cut make our list? Because if you’re into faux/mohawks, then this is the what you should ask for. Use matte wax such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation for some edgy separation and hold.


men's medium hairstyles like an angled side fringe
Rumple up your texture in a forwards direction with some light-hold clay or wax. Photo credit:

5. Angled fringe

If you want to highlight your eyes, make the sides of your face thinner or want some style but don’t want to deal with too much hair, ask your stylist for a long fringe but with a dapper, clean-cut shearing on the sides and back. A trendier version of men’s medium hairstyles and for guys willing to do some blowdrying in the morning, it’s still somewhat easy to manage. To style, work a dime-sized drop of pomade or gel, like Axe Signature Messy Look: Matte Gel, onto your entire head (use wax if you want a choppier look), focusing on the crown. Style your “bangs” at an angle, slanting downwards to one side.


mini pomp as men's medium hairstyles
Size matters. Make your pomp as low (or as high) as you like.

6. Mini-pomp

Take elements from one of those iconic retro men’s medium hairstyles and incorporate it into your everyday, corporate-friendly trim. Recreate a small pomp on the top of your hair by styling it with some shine pomade like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick, and slicking back the sides with leftover product. You can make your pomp as high as you want, but a shorter length keeps it more modern. Use a fine-toothed comb to help you mold and smoothen the wave.


men's medium hairstyles like the bowl cut
Showcases healthy strands (and angular features) the best. Photo credit:

7. Gentleman’s bowl-cut

Hear us out—this just means having a more rounded shape and less layers from the cowlick to the hairline, a look that’s both fashionable and versatile. Believe it or not, dudes with sharp features look awesome in this cut; the contrast is super flattering. You can always style the front layers any which way you want, like blown out neatly all around (a true dandy-boy “bowl” shape, which is, let us finish, super trendy), texturized via a perm or some mousse and swept to one side (à la hunky K-Pop singer), or just mussed up with paste, like Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste, for a modern bedhead.

What men’s medium hairstyles are you looking to try this summer?

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