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10 Edgy Skullet Haircuts For the Daring Man

This new version of the mullet is not for the faint of heart.

2023 was the year of daring and distinctive hairstyles, and to close the year with a bow, we bring you the unique skullet. This bold, playful, and kind of bizarre haircut is all about showing the skull as the latest variation of the classic mullet. It consists of a nearly shaved head to show the skull. The juxtaposition of the exposed crown and the longer hair at the back creates a unique and edgy look. Dive into this trend that has surged in popularity as a fearless and revealing fashion statement.

Skullet Hairstyles Then and Now

The skullet, a hairstyle bridging the past and present, is the focus of this article. We’ll explore both classic and 2024 adaptations, beginning with a contemporary take on this iconic look.

1. Micro-Bang Skullet

Skullet Hair
behindthechair.com on Pinterest.

This version gives a new twist to the traditional skullet by keeping hair on the top in a layered micro bang instead of a close shave. This is a more hip way to try the skullet cut while still honoring the integrity of the style.

2. Buzzed Skullet

TheTrendSpotter on Pinterest.

This skullet style features a buzzed top and sides, while the back maintains a full length, extending down to the lower back of the neck. It creates a distinct look resembling a medieval haircut.

3. Skullet with Wavy Locks

TrendSpotter on Pinterest

This skullet boasts shaved sides and short hair on top, but what sets it apart is the long, flowing waves beginning from the crown. To add texture, we suggest using Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray. It’s a quick and easy way to add definition to your natural waves.

4. Shaggy Skullet

k on Pinterest

This modern version of the skullet has a shaggy twist. The unevenly cut top features short, stringy bangs akin to a mullet but distinct with choppy layers at the front. Achieve the unruly, shaggy style with Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste. Apply to dry hair, and use your fingers to mold the product into your hair.

5. Long-Haired Skullet

coiffeurstory on Pinterest

This hairstyle consists of an exceptionally long, straight back, a departure from the typical textured look. Embracing the skullet fashion, the sides are bald, while a textured, unruly fringe encircles the skull. To maintain the contrast in texture, we recommend using S Factor by TIGI Silky Smooth Serum to tame flyaways.

6. 80’s Dream Skullet

kap84 on Pinterest

This skullet haircut seamlessly merges past and present influences, drawing inspiration from the mod cut and mullet. It’s a versatile, 80s-inspired dream.

7. Long Skullet

iamyarenka On Pinterest

This style offers a nearly fantastical twist to the rugged and edgy classic skullet. To keep your mane shiny and hydrated, use a serum for a silky-smooth feel and touch.

8. Dual Color Skullet

dislexical on Pinterest.

Make your version of the skullet more interesting by combining two contrasting colors such as red and black. Protect your hair from bleach by using a developer instead to lift your natural color.

9. Skullet with a Fringe

Leonardo Vidal on Pinterest

Why not add even more personality to an already interesting haircut by adding a fringe? We love the way the bangs are cut in layers. The best product to use for texture is Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Spray. This spray not only effectively manages unruly flyaways, but adds texture to the hair for easy styling.

10. Edgar Skullet

On Pinterest

We love it when two unique haircuts come together to create something out of this world. Of course, we’re talking about the Edgar and the skillet. How cool is this hybrid? One thing is for sure: no one will call you basic.

In the ever-evolving world of haircuts, the mullet has endured as a timeless classic. Over time, we’ve not only embraced the original charm of the mullet but also developed innovations like the skullet. I hope you enjoyed this article, and please feel free to check out more like this one!

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