Top 5 2024 Hair Trends Predicted to Dominate in the New Year

The hottest trends for the year ahead.

The top 2024 hair trends have a few things in common: they are all easy to style, bold enough to make a statement, and guaranteed to help you refresh your look in the new year. The last year saw the shag make a resurgence, cropped cuts make their debut (again), and the return of the bangs. It’s no surprise then that 2024 hair trends will lean towards more evolved versions of those styles.

If you are thinking about a hairstyle refresh in the new year, consider one of these 2024 hair trends when determining your new style. With options for every length, color, and hair type, 2024 promises definite variety when it comes to hair trends.

2024 Hair Trends to Watch

Keep reading to get inspired:

1. Wispy Bangs

2024 hair trends brunette wispy bangs
Wispy bangs flatter every face shape.

These cheekbone-raising wispy bangs will be everywhere this year. No longer dependent on layers to integrate the bangs into the rest of your hairstyle, this standalone addition is a great way to refresh your look without sacrificing your length. Not only do these bangs emphasize your cheekbones, they also draw attention to your eyes!

2. Super-Short Bob

2024 hair trends short bob
Prepare to go shorter.

If you have spent any amount of time on Tik Tok over the last month, you’ve likely seen the latest in haircut transitions. Unlike the super-long to bob length transitions of the past, these newer iterations feature a switch from bobs to micro bobs. What they say is true: once you go short, you’ll just want to go shorter.

3. Overgrown Shag

2024 hair trends red shag
The grown-out shag has arrived.

Whether you are in the middle of growing out your shag or you are simply searching for an alternative with a little more length, you will be happy to see the overgrown shag. These longer choppy layers offer all of the grungy and cool effects of a classic shag with more versatility because of the length.

4. Red Hair Color

2024 hair trends red hair
We’re seeing red everywhere!

Red hair, red nails, red holiday-themed sweaters: we’re seeing red everywhere this season. If you are looking for a makeover-worthy hair change in the new year, this bold red hair color might just be for you.

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5. Rounded Styles

2024 hair trends rounded bob
Rounder shapes are back.

This rounded bob is a perfect example of one of the ways softer styles will be making an appearance in the new year. Face-framing layers, rounded bobs, and more easy-to-style haircuts will be at the forefront of 2024 hair trends.

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