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Editor’s Choice: This 2-in-1 Serum Conditioner Brought My Dry Hair Back to Life

Instantly smoother strands.

A few times a week, I settle in for a hair-washing session, and lately, I’ve included this now-essential 2-in-1 serum conditioner. My hair-washing time is sacred: it’s a time to care for my strands, truly cleanse my scalp, wash away buildup, and indulge in some serious self-care. Over time I have started to treat my hair care routine like I treat my skincare routine in that it’s extensive, effective, and something I just can’t scrimp on. This revolutionary serum conditioner duo has taken this routine to the next level, and I am already stocking up on extra bottles so that I never run out.

A 2-in-1 Hair Revival

Let’s take a deep dive into the reviving abilities of this serum conditioner duo:

serum conditioner
This conditioner serum instantly smoothed my wavy hair.

About My Hair

My hair is thick, wavy, and a combination of dry and oily. It tends to easily get oily at the roots, while the length of hair can often feel dry and somewhat brittle. I take care of the oily roots with the regular use of a dependable dry shampoo, but it can be difficult to address the dry portions without over-saturating my hair.

An effective conditioner is often the secret to finding that perfect balance. I carefully apply it just to the ends of my hair and take care to avoid my freshly washed roots. This way, I get the benefits of a conditioner without risking oily roots right after a wash day.

The 2-in-1 Serum Conditioner

Dove Rescue & Protect Serum + Conditioner is a first-of-its-kind conditioner and serum combination product. This dual-chamber bottle dispenses conditioner and a nourishing hair serum in one seamless application. Rather than splitting up two necessary products, this duo allows you to nourish and condition at the same time.

The formula is infused with ceramides and peptides, two ingredients you might recognize from your skincare routine. Ceramide for hair is amazing because it conditions hair and lock in a high level of moisture, while peptides thicken hair to prevent future breakage. Together, these ingredients make this serum conditioner ideal for those looking to repair damaged strands and strengthen their hair while they’re at it. Enhance the benefits by using a shampoo with ceramide.

The Results

I saw and felt the results while using the product and in the days after washing. This serum conditioner provided the most luxurious hair-washing experience I can remember. The serum mixes together with a nourishing conditioner to create an ultra-hydrating cocktail that instantly smoothes hair.

I try to leave my conditioner in for as long as possible, but even on the days when I’m rushing through a quicker shower, this conditioner offered next-level smoothness.

As far as the post-shower effects, I have no need to detangle my hair after using this conditioner serum. I easily run a comb through the length of my wet hair and allow my strands to air dry. Wet and dry, my hair is always smoother, silkier, and healthier feeling after using this product.

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