Twist Hairstyles for Men – 7 Different Ways to Style Twists

Men deserve protective styles too!

Men naturalistas need protective hairstyles too! Twists are a sleek way to protect and style your hair if you are needing a break from styling your own natural hair. Looking for some twist hairstyle inspiration for your next due? Check out these 7 different ways to style twists for men. 

Check out these styles below to see which twists hairstyles work best for you!

1.  Loose Textured Twists

man with textured twists
Loose textured twists are the perfect laidback look. Photo by Hust Wilson

Looking for an easy-going twist hairstyle? Then try this style! The key to achieving this textured style is to use less hair products in your afro. Adding on to this, try sectioning your hair into smaller pieces when twisting for an even fuller look. Make sure you start with clean hair. A great shampoo to use to enhance textured hair is Tigi Bed Head for Men Dense Up Shampoo. 

2. Mini Twists for Men 

man with mini twists
Mini twists are so sleek yet long-lasting. Photo by Jassir Jonis

These twists are perfect if you want a sleeker look that is bound to last a bit longer. Add a trendy and unique twist to this hairstyle by shaving the slides of your afro. To increase the longevity of this look try Suave Professionals Natural Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray for a gentle hold. 

3. Accessorized Twists 

bean with twists for men
Don’t be shy, spice up your twists with accessories. Photo by Yingchou Han.

Twists for men don’t only have to be worn out. You should feel free to accessorize them too! Try half-up, half-down styles, ponytails, and when it gets cooler, try cute hats and beanies! 

4. Twists with Cuffs 

Mens Twists with cuffs
Cuffs are here to stay! Photo by Richard Gazon.

Speaking of accessorizing your twists… another beautiful way to spice up your twists is by implementing hair cuffs. Unlike other accessories, hair cuffs are usually meant to stay on throughout the course of you wearing the hairstyle. Pro tip: when wearing hair cuffs for twists, make sure your twists are a medium size so they do not slip off or break off your twists.

5. Voluminous Twists for Men 

Hair twists on a man
To achieve more hairstyles with your twists, add volume. Photo by Juliana Kozoski

Want to be able to do a variety of hairstyles with your twists? Then you should add more volume to your hair. You can do this by adding more twists to your hairstyle. Don’t be shy, innovative hairstyles are for men too! 

6. Shoulder Length Men Twists 

medium length twists for men
This style is a good chance to add some hair extensions. Photo by Mike Von

Shoulder length twists are the perfect twist hairstyle for men who want to wear their hair longer, especially if you don’t have the desired length of your own. You can add on pre-twisted twisting hair or add on xpression hair when creating this style to achieve length. If you plan on adding xpression hair, use SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Waves Pomade for a lightweight hold while styling. 

7. Twisted Top Hairstyle

buzzcut with twisted top
A twisted top is a trendy look which you will be surprised at how much you love. Photo by Mike Von

Do you have length to your hair that you are debating whether or not you should snip? Then go halfway for now, and decide later. You should get a buzz cut, and leave some of your afro at the top of your head. Then you can twist that top part. This is bound to create a trendy and unique look that will receive so many compliments wherever you go! 

Will you be trying out any of these twist hairstyles? Show us by showing us on Instagram @AllThingsHairUs. Also, for more amazing men’s hairstyles, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below. 

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