5 Elegant Man Bun Fade Styles for Formal Occasions

Allison Schmidt | 30 July 2019

Add in a fade to make your man bun formal.

We know that the man bun hairstyle isn’t always considered to be the most formal hairstyle. But with the right outfit and spin on the man bun fade, you can easily tap into a more formal look. Typically, the man bun fade hairstyle is when your hair is shaved on the back and sides of the head, like an undercut, and then continues fading towards the hairline.

We love how this look adds clean lines and a formal spin to a standard man bun. Read on to check out five different ways to wear the man bun fade:

1. Extra High Cut

man bun fade high bun
Try an extra high cut.

Most man bun fade hairstyles just fade down the sides of your head. But, if you’ve got super thick hair, there’s no reason you can’t shave part of the top of your hair, too. We like how this cut is angled and defined on the sides, which adds a lot of extra interest without extra styling work.

2. Loose Messy Man Bun

man bun fade loose fade
A loose and messy man bun is the perfect option for someone in their 20s or 30s. Photo credit: Dvora

Your man bun fade doesn’t need to be perfectly slick to be appropriate for formal occasions. We like loose messy man buns because they are a little less serious. We recommend washing your hair with Suave Men Thick + Full 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner to make sure your hair is hydrated and clean for your formal event.


3. Extra Sleek Man Bun

man bun fade sleek fade
Create sleek sides to your fade for the perfect man bun combo. Photo credit: Dvora

A sleek man bun fade is probably your best bet for formal occassions. It lets you keep your relaxed style while still cleaning up your look. All you need to do to create a sleek styled man bun is to add in a little pomade. We suggest using AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade when styling hair for a sleek look. Just apply the pomade to the top of your hair and slick back your strands into a man bun.


4. Extra Long Fade

man bun fade high fade
Define your man bun with a high fade.

Going for a man bun fade doesn’t mean you need to shave your sides down to the scalp. A longer fade can have a more formal look, even though it isn’t as precisely cut. We like this look because it has a more well-rounded appearance, as opposed to the contrast of a tight fade and a man bun.

5. Big Man Bun Low Fade

man bun fade big bun
Wear it oversized.

If you’ve got a thick head of hair and like the big-bun look, you don’t need to trim down all of the sides of your hair. We suggest doing a fade just on the back of the neck, or even a temple fade. These little details will help to clean up your hairline and give you a clean cut look. Plus, you won’t have to deal with those baby hairs that tend to stick out around your hairline.

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