28 Stunning Crochet Hairstyles You Need to See

10 beautiful ways to wear crochet braid styles this season.

Crochet hair is a protective style that uses a crochet technique. This method is a way to add extensions to your hair via a braid. For this style to work, there has to be something for the crochet needle to latch onto. In this case, it’s a cornrow braid. Although, for many, the crochet braids style seems to be new it’s far from that. This technique has been around for years. However, as of late, many women are using these extensions for protective styling. Why? Unlike many other protective hairstyles, creating crochet hairstyles is super DIY-friendly —if you can cornrow braid.

28 Crochet Hair Styles to Consider

We’ll provide you with a breakdown of all the hairstyles you can achieve with crochet hair and the crochet braids technique.

1. Bob Crochet Twist Hair Styles

crochet hairstyles voluminous twists curls
Consider these crochet twists.

If you’re ready to make a major statement with your crochet hairstyle, then you’ll want to give some consideration to these crochet twists. We love this bold look and the statement it makes. We’re all about hair that acts as its own accessory, and we couldn’t be bigger fans of this look.

2. Crochet Bob Hairstyle

crochet hair styles side twist short
Try this asymmetrical style.

What if we told you that it only takes a touch of hair gel and a little bit of strategic styling to create this look? Use TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Firm Control Gel to hold half of your style back and wear this asymmetrical style with confidence.

3. Crochet Braids with Curly Weave

crochet hair styles ombre highlights
Mix color and texture in your crochet braids hairstyles.

Go for a curly weave for a natural-looking texture and style. Consider playing with color as well as texture and opting for a style that transitions from dark to light hues. We love how this style is mostly dark with just a touch of lighter color on the ends.

4. Short Crochet Hairstyle with Curly Hair

crochet hair styles medium length curls
Wear your crochet braids styles long.

There’s no set rule about how long your crochet braids should be. We love this short length for a style that has some length without going overboard. It’s not too long and not too short, offering plenty of texture and enough lightness to maintain its bounce.

5. Short and Sweet Crochet Hair

Crochet hairstyles longer curls
Go darker than you’ve gone before.

Another short and sweet style we love. By styling your hair flipped over to one side like in the hairstyle photographed above, you can achieve instant mega-volume at the roots of your style.

6. Natural Crochet Hairstyle

crochet hair styles brushed back
How to keep your crochet hairstyles off your face.

Even the most low-maintenance styles can sometimes be a pain when they fall down into your eyes. Brush your strands back and away from your face for a low-key and natural style that shows off your best features.

7. Colored Crochet Hair

crochet hair styles blonde red highlights
Lighten up your color.

In our expert opinion, there’s no style that doesn’t pair well with ombré. When dealing with color-treated strands, it’s important to give your hair extra hydration. We love using Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner to add extra moisture and hydration back into color-treated hair.

8. Braidless Crochet Hair

crochet hair styles afro
Amp up the volume on your crochet hairstyle.

Brush through your style to create a super voluminous look that makes a major statement every time. Use a teasing comb to gently tease your roots and tease out your curls to recreate this voluminous style.

9. Crochet Updo Hairstyles

crochet hair updo
Crochet hair is great for updos as well!

If you’re looking for a fancier way to wear your style, then you’ll want to have this half-back style in your arsenal. Pull half your hair back, pin the top half in place, and finish off with a mist of Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

10. Crochet Hair with Bangs

crochet hair styles afro bangs
Try a few different looks in one.

Pair your crochet hair with bangs for an extra bold and unique look. Many people feel that you can’t combine curly or afro hair with bangs but this style proves just the opposite! Let your fro thrive with bangs.

11. Crochet Hairstyles With Straight Hair

crochet hair straight hair
Go for a sleek and straight style with your extensions.

Sometimes you just need to go super straight and super sleek with your hairstyle. This is a great example of a way to wear this style with straight and sleek hair, a trend that’s making a huge comeback now.

12. Long Wavy Crochet Hair

crochet hair wavy
This wavy style is beautiful for any occasion.

Give yourself some beachy waves perfect for a daytime or nighttime event. This is an unexpected in-between texture that offers a lightweight beachy feel to your strands instantly.

13. Crochet Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

crochet hair twists
You can even create twist styles with your crochet weave.

You can use any color crochet hair to create your twist style–consider going lighter than your natural color to brighten up your overall style and your complexion at the same time. This color looks gorgeous when paired with dark roots.

14. Crochet Braid

crochet hair braids
Crochet braids are a great protective style.

A classic, protective style for natural hair, these crochet braids manage to make a statement while remaining classic. Long, one-length, evenly-colored braids create a simple yet elevated style.

15. Curly Crochet Hair Red

crochet hair red
Go for a red color to switch things up.

Red is a color that always seems to be trending, so why not try it out for yourself? This halo of red curls is not for the faint of heart – we love how this contrasted style looks on voluminous curls!

16. Crochet Ponytail Hairstyle

crochet hair ponytail
Go for a ponytail if you need to create a quick updo.

Our go-to quick updo is always a stylish ponytail. Gather your crochet hairstyle up into a high ponytail that sits directly on the top of your head if you want to recreate this style. This looks great when styled up or down.

17. Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles

crochet hair box braids
Try a box braids style.

You can create a box braids style with the crochet braids technique. Consider this waist-length style if you are hoping to make a statement with your strands! This is a great way to wear longer strands, and it doesn’t require all the patience of growing your hair out.

18. Crochet Locs Hairstyles

crochet hair fau locs
Use your crochet braids style to create dreadlocks.

Try faux locs or dreadlocks style this season! This style looks just as great on a casual Sunday as it does at the office, and we love how flattering it looks when it’s all pulled over to one side or parted.

19. Black And Gray Crochet Braids

crochet hair black and gray
How fab is this color combo?

We love two-toned looks, and the contrast between black and gray makes this a really cool color combo. Crochet hairstyles are a great time to try out contrasting and exciting colors! You can be adventurous without worrying about long-term damage to your natural hair.

20. Crochet Faux Locs Hairstyles

crochet hair faux locs
Faux locs for the win.

How beautiful is this blonde faux locs look? Try it for yourself! This high-contrast style depends on your darker roots to create a beautiful contrasted color story. Wrap your hair up into a high bun for an instant regal effect.

21. Effortless and Long Crochet Style

crochet hair long hairstyles
Crochet hair is a great way to instantly get a longer style.

Using a crochet weave for a long hairstyle is a perfect solution and it’s protective! Chic, romantic, and easy, this style is flattering on a range of face shapes and bone structures.

22. Crochet Style with a Bold Side Shave

crochet hair side shave
Add some contrast with a bold side shave.

Looking for an edgy look? Why not add a bold side shave to your look? This kind of style plays with length and texture by incorporating a side shave on one side with longer locks on the other.

23. Loose and Wavy Crochet Hair

crochet hair loose and wavy
A loose and wavy style looks effortless.

Loose and wavy is always in style. Pair your loose curls with a bright and bold shade of burgundy hair color for a style that makes a major impact. Matching lip color is the perfect finishing touch to this style!

24. Gray Crochet Hair

crochet hair gray
Go for a gray color!

Switch up your look and go for a gray color this season! While it may be tempting to keep dyeing your roots and opting for darker braiding hair, there’s a lot to be said for embracing your grays!

25. Classic Curls

crochet hair curled hair
Classic curls work perfectly on crochet weaves.

Create classic curls with a curling iron. This irregular curl pattern mimics natural curls perfectly, and it can easily be created with a small-barreled curling iron! Tease your curls out once they’ve cooled for a super voluminous style.

26. Wet and Wavy

crochet hair wet and wavy
We love wet and wavy styles!

Wet and wavy is the perfect sultry style. It’s so easy to create and doesn’t require any hot tools–duh! This sexy and undone style will have your red carpet ready at a moment’s notice, no matter what’s on your agenda!

27. Jumbo Twists

crochet hair jumbo
Go big and get a jumbo braid style.

If you love tons of volume in your style, then you need to go for a jumbo braid style for sure. Bold and impactful, this jumbo braid style is as cool as it gets when it comes to crochet styles.

28. Bohemian Crochet Style

crochet hair bohemian
Boho is always a go.

Who doesn’t love a boho style? This style combines volume and a beautiful curl pattern to create a look that’s truly unique to you. Consider this look if you’re hoping to make a statement with your crochet style.

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