21 Stylish Viking Hairstyles For Rugged Men

Step into the new year looking tough and cool!

Inspired by the epic hairstyles Nordic warriors wore on the battlefield, Viking hairstyles are usually defined by their edgy, rugged appearance. They are surprisingly similar to many of the popular hairstyles you see today. From man buns to undercuts and messy beards, many of your preferred styles take after cool historic Viking haircuts.

You don’t need to be a fan of Viking history to have noticed these cuts everywhere. If you want to unleash your inner Viking, check out the best traditional and modern Viking hairstyles for men below.

1. Man Bun

Viking Hairstyles: Man sitting on the beach with blonde hair in a man bun
You’ll go far with this dapper look. Credit: Instagram.com/itsdavisneilands

We couldn’t possibly put together a rundown of Viking hairstyles without including the man bun. After all, nothing says ‘ready for the battlefield’ like long hair tied into a high topknot.

2. Half-Up Hairstyle

Viking Hairstyles: Shot of man with shoulder length ginger hair styled into a half-up, half-down bun
Viking hairstyles are very practical, which is why they are popular.

What do you do when you’re bored with your classic man bun? Try your hand at the half-up bun. It works really well if you have lots of hair and want to show off the texture of your mane.

3. Ponytail and Rugged Beard

Viking hairstyles: Man with long dark blonde hair styled into half up ponytail with rugged beard, wearing white shirt
Got long hair? You can pull off Viking hairstyles naturally. Credit: Instagram.com/lasselom

If you’re looking for a long Viking hairstyle to pair with your rugged beard, this messy half-up ponytail is one of the best. It’ll keep your long hair off your face and let you get on with a day’s work without needing any attention.

Editor’s tip: Viking hairstyles are all about wild texture. If that’s something you don’t have naturally, you just need to invest in some of the TRESemme Dry Texture Finishing Spray to give your locks a cool, messy feel.

4. Effortlessly Undone Hairstyle

Viking Hairstyles: Man with rugged beard with shoulder length light brown wavy hair, wearing white top with black tie and white suit jacket outside
Pair your rugged hairstyle with a clean cut blazer Credit: Instagram.com/lauraannewatson

Another popular Viking haircut we’ve been seeing everywhere is a simple shoulder-length hairstyle that looks effortlessly undone (even if you had to tease and add some product to it)This windswept look is good for men with medium-length hair and only requires you to sweep it back to get the look.

5. Dutch Braid

front view of a man with dark man braids and bun
Brush up on your braiding skills to re-create this look. Credit: Instagram.com/growupleo

Put a spin on classic Viking hair with this braided man bun. This hairstyle is probably one of the trickier Viking hairstyles because of the Dutch braid on top. But if you manage, you’ll have a strong and bold look.

6. Braid with Undercut

Viking Hairstyles: Man with swept back hair styled into skinny braid, with rugged beard on the beach
Viking hairstyles are rugged, edgy, and cool. Credit: Instagram.com/johnathan.blanc

If you’ve got medium hair, a single braid will quickly take your look from plain to warrior-approved. The best thing about this look is that it works extremely well for warmer seasons when your top priority is keeping cool — and looking it.

7. Braid with Fade

Viking Hairstyles: Man with dark brown thick hair with twisted braid and undercut with thick rugged beard
Most Viking hairstyles work with braids. Credit: Instagram.com/khal.zain

If you don’t fancy shaving your hair, you can still rock a Viking braid with a fade. This Viking haircut is especially useful for guys with thick hair who want a rugged, low-maintenance hairstyle.

8. Beard with Undercut

front view of a man with a beard and a man bun hairstyle undercut
Try out a man bun undercut and mini bun. Credit: Instagram.com/robingustavgillis

This man bun undercut is a great option if you have thick and long hair. The beard and accessories compliment the look. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you’re a fan of tattoos and leather.

9. Professional Viking Hair

side view of a man with longer hair and a beard
Keep your locks neat but with the length for a groomed Viking look. Credit: Instagram.com/jils_barbershop

The idea here is to still convey a rugged appearance, albeit with a trimmed beard and combed hair. We’ll even allow you to use a blow dryer to achieve this professional look – we won’t tell if you don’t.

10. Braids with Long Hair

Brock O'Hurn with long hair and braids
Make like one of the original Vikings with long tresses and braids. Credit: Instagram.com/brockohurn

If you’ve got long hair, you can get Viking-worthy hair simply by rocking the bedhead look and throwing in a few mini braids for good measure. This one is good for those who don’t have time to spend ages on their hair. And the good news is that once you’ve completed your braid, you’re done – no touch-ups are required here.

11. Shaved Side Viking Haircut

Viking Hairstyles: Man with rugged light brown hair with undercut and messy beard, wearing necklace
This Viking haircut will work for summer. Credit: Instagram.com/Instagram.com/johnathan.blanc

Shaving one side of your hair is another way you can unleash your inner warrior. This edgy, rugged look is a stylish way to liven up long or medium hair.

12. Modern Viking Top Knot and Full Beard

front view of a man with red hair in a top knot with a full beard holding a puppy
Team a top knot with a full beard for true Viking-worthy status. Credit: Instagram.com/tiborpusch.official

It’s pretty hard to look tough when holding what could be the world’s most adorable puppy! Still, we love this modern Viking look and are swooning over that his hair matches the hues of the pup’s fur. Go for long tresses high on your head and trim your beard into an angular shape.

13. Polished Viking Haircut

Viking hairstyles: Shot of man with full beard with long top hairstyle with low fade
You can make any Viking haircut look sharp with the right product. Credit: Instagram.com/spizoiky

Viking hairstyles can look a little polished, too. With the right product, you can keep your style in place and not worry about it falling out of place.

14. Bald Viking Hair

Viking hairstyles: Shot of man with bald head with Viking messy beard posing against tree
No hair? A full beard can give you a tough, manly Viking look. Credit: Instagram.com/baldcafe

If you haven’t got any hair, no problem! You can still rock a Viking look if you have a cool, full beard. From seeing these looks, you’ll know that beards are essential to Viking hairstyles, so the best thing you can do is keep it looking on point.

Editor’s tip: It’s important to keep your beard looking sharp with moisturizing products, and in our books, the SheaMoisture Beard Conditioning Oil is all you need to help keep your beard smooth and hydrated.

15. Braided Designs

Brown haired man with a braided hair design
Credit: Instagram.com/midnightsociety570

Why have just one braid when you could have multiple? Try combining different sizes and thicknesses of braids and twists for warrior-worthy results.

16. Braided Curly Ponytail Updo

Brown haired man with a braided curly ponytail updo
Credit: Instagram.com/volrsalon

If you’re looking for a more formal-worthy way to channel the Viking look, look no further than this braided pony. With neat braids and curly lengths, it’s all you need to take your long hair to the next level.

17. French Braid

Brown haired man with a long French braid
Credit: Instagram.com/draco_flame

For times when you’re in need of a hairstyle that will stay put and won’t budge, this easy French braided hairstyle is a great choice.

18. Hipster Man Bun

Ginger man with a braided man bun with shaved sides and a beard
Credit: Instagram.com/sirbastflow

Yes, hipster Vikings are a thing – just look at this Instagrammer’s cool top knot and full beard style.

19. Low Man Bun

Man with brown curly hair in a low man bun
Credit: Instagram.com/jakerohrs

This low bun variation gives your man bun a more casual, off-duty vibe. We love how this guy’s naturally curly hair adds texture to the otherwise simple style.

20. Silver Nordic Blonde

Man with silvery blonde hair with shaved sides
Credit: Instagram.com/doppelgangerhair

Thinking of trying out a new hair color? This platinum silver hue is giving us all the Scandi vibes, and it’s sure to make any Viking hairstyle look even more icy-cool.

21. Dreadlock Braids

Man with blonde mohawk dreadlocks with shaved sides
Credit: Instagram.com/atelierdefrigg

Take your Viking hair to new heights with these impressive multicolored dreadlocks.

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