Cinnamon Hair Color: Breaking Down the Depth and Dimension of Winter’s Hottest Hair Color

We can't get enough of this spicy winter shade of hair color.

If you’re anything like us, the annual itch to change up your hair color or length is almost due. There’s something about the colder months that inspires a change of pace. Whether it’s taking the plunge and getting a thick fringe, opting for some face-framing highlights, or simply cutting all your hair off, there’s something for everyone! Lucky for you, one of the hottest hair colors of the season has already debuted: cinnamon hair color. This spicy and cool hue of dark red is anything but subtle but its depth and dimension make it something out of the ordinary.

cinnamon hair color red medium straight
This lighter and brighter hue is a beautiful way to wear this color. Photo credit:

Light and Bright

One of the great things about this color is that it’s inherently unique and easy to customize even further. Lighter and brighter hues will brighten up your face and can serve as a breath of fresh air in the winter gloom. If you’re a classic New Yorker and a frequent all-black-outfit-wearer, sometimes it’s nice to be able to depend on your hair to make a statement. This bright hue of cinnamon hair color does just that.

It’s important to note that upkeep is key for a shade like this. We suggest grabbing TIGI Copyright Custom Colour Shampoo and Conditioner. Think of this duo as insurance for your fresh color. It promises to keep your cinnamon hue bright and bold long after you leave the salon.

cinnamon hair color long curly hair
Alternatively, you can opt for a deeper shade of cinnamon hair color. Photo credit:

Darker Hues

As we mentioned above, cinnamon hair color is not a one-size-fits-all hair color trend. It can be uniquely tailored to your preferences! As always, the key to achieving your vision is to talk to your stylists with photos. Bring in an inspiration photo of the color you want to achieve and that way you will know you two are speaking the same language.

This is another example of another way to wear the cinnamon hair color trend. This darker hue pairs beautifully with long natural curls. This deep cinnamon color is perhaps a more classic winter-friendly shade and a gorgeous way to get in on the trend.

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