Curls and ombre? Natural hair babes, you can get in on the colour trend, too!

These Instagram stars are making a case for natural hair ombre and we're so here for it!  

Under the impression that having curls means you can’t try ombre? Natural hair queens, that’s all about to change, because we’re here to tell you that natural hair ombre styles are taking over the beauty scene!

Yep, and to prove it to you, we’ve scrolled through Instagram and found 8 ladies who slay the look (all of which are sure to inspire you to take the plunge). Want to see? Keep on scrolling!

Curls and ombre? Natural hair Instagram stars who seriously make it work


close up shot of woman with grey ombre natural hair, wearing blue top and jacket and necklace
Now that’s how you slay grey ombre! Credit:

1. Grey ombre + natural hair

If you’ve been paying attention to the runways and red carpets this season, you’ll know that there’s been a renewed obsession with silver hair (thank you, Khaleesi). So, when we saw this Instagram star’s natural take on the trend, we couldn’t look away.

This gorgeous natural hair ombre colour choice is destined for any fashionistas out there looking to make their manes pop! Credit: @rheacarter

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close up shot of woman with curly blonde ombre hairstyle, wearing low cut top and posing outside
All that glitters is gold! Credit:

2. Golden ombre

We’re a sucker for anything gold and that includes this dazzling hair colour! When coupled with long, springy coils, this pretty shade works to highlight your best features and really makes your curls come to life. Opt for natural dark roots for a contrasting and on-trend finish! Credit: @faladantas

close up shot of woman with golden natural hair ombre hairstyle, wearing earrings and spaghetti top
Jazzing your curls is going to get a lot easier! Credit:

3. Sun-kissed natural hair ombre

Want to go lighter but worried it’ll clash with your skin tone? Try this bronde sun-kissed ombre! Natural hair babes, at least the one’s we’ve been following, love to keep their mane’s looking California chic with this sunny hue.

But this isn’t just a summer shade, oh no! The warm tints of honey, gold and caramel brown in this hue make it great for any season, outfit, or event. Credit: @marihsantosss

close up shot of woman with pink ombre on natural hair, with purple lipstick and wearing a fluffy jumper
Pink ombre + natural hair = #hairgoals! Credit:

4. Pastel pink ombre

Residing on the sweeter side of the colour spectrum, this double tap-worthy candyfloss colour is a great way to give short natural hair a fashionable flair!

So, if you’re thinking about refreshing your locks and getting a natural hair ombre dye job done, this delicious hue is a complete recipe for success! Credit: @euninagabriella

ombre natural hair: close up shot of woman with curly hair with blue ombre hairstyle done
Blue hair, don’t care! Credit:

5. Pastel blue ombre

So, here’s what happens when you try the ever-popular denim hair trend on gorgeous natural coils. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this chic combo?

Okay, moment over! What we were trying to say is that denim hair (and any other pastel colour under the sun) can work for coils and make them look like a piece of art! Credit: @_poemoney

close up shot of woman with colourful natural hair ombre hairstyle, in a salon
Rainbow curls will brighten up your life and your mane! Credit:

6. Rainbow ombre + natural hair

So you have really dark brown hair and aren’t afraid to go wild with your choice of ombre? Natural hair queens with this desire, rainbow ombre is calling your name!

These colourful ombre highlights will look perfect when styled into a pineapple updo and will ensure you slay, wherever you go. Credit: @leysahairandmakeup

close up shot of woman with chocolate ombre natural hair, wearing red top and subtle makeup
Chocolate isn’t just for eating, don’t you know? Credit:

7. Chocolate brown ombre

Listen up, ombre virgins. Finding a brown shade that matches the current tone of your hair is a great way to test out the dip-dye waters.

In this example, this curly-haired queen has chosen to go for a muted but sophisticated shade of chocolate to amp up her mane, and we’re living for it. Are you, too? Credit: @infinity_karma

natural hair ombre: close up shot of woman with copper ombre curly hairstyle, wearing striped shirt and posing
You’ll be an Instagram star in no time with this showstopping copper hue! Credit:

8. Copper ombre + natural hair

Another subtle shade you can slay? Copper, of course! The contrast of dark roots and spicy copper in this example, make for an ultra-sexy and stylish outcome.

But the best thing? The shade is perfect for year-round wear and is guaranteed to get you all the likes. Credit: @amberlacyy


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