Bouffant Hair Tutorial + Different Ways to Style the Look

Big hair alert!

Are you looking for a hair-raising and party-worthy hairstyle? Then look no further than glam bouffant hair, inspired by the swinging ’60s! We love this voluminous hairstyle idea that’s ideal for a fancy soiree or fun night out on the town! To help you learn how to create this glamorous ‘do at home, we’re sharing two modern ways to rock bouffant hair. These bouffant hair tutorial ideas include the classic look with straight hair and a tutorial for curly girls, complete with accent braids and a cute bow hair clip.

(And scroll down for some great mini bouffant hairstyles to inspire you…)

Ready to try your hand at this fun hairstyle? Here’s how to get the look at home:

Step 1

Prep your hair.

This glam bouffant hair look is all about volume, so give your mane a body boost by giving it a fresh wash. 

glam bouffant hair tutorial clean hair
Step 2

Apply a headband.

Next, place a thin, stretchy headband over your hair, pushing it up so that it sits approximately two inches from your forehead.

glam bouffant hair add a headband
Step 3

Tease your hair.

Next, using a comb, tease your hair at the roots to create body and height. To backcomb, start at the bottom of your strands and gently brush your comb towards your scalp.

Repeat this motion several times until you achieve mega volume!

glam bouffant hair tutorial tease hair
Step 4

Smooth your hair.

Once you’ve backcombed your tresses, use your comb to gently smooth all of your hair back, for a polished finish. Be careful not to brush too hard though, or you’ll undo all the teasing you’ve just done!

glam bouffant hair tutorial brush hair
Step 5

Conceal your headband.

Then take an inch-wide section of hair from underneath your head, and pull it around your headband to conceal it. Secure this in place behind your ear with some bobby pins.

glam bouffant hair tutorial add volume
Step 6

Final look: Set with hair spray.

To help ensure that your hair doesn’t drop or fall flat throughout the day, give your mane a healthy dose of Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

And just like that, your glam bouffant hair look is complete! Now go and show off your hair-raising ‘do to the world.

glam bouffant hair tutorial
Step 1

Add oil to clean hair.

To begin, apply a few pumps of Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil to your hair to tame frizz and to enhance manageability while styling your mini bouffant.


apply oil to start off a mini bouffant hair tutorial
Step 2

Section hair.

Using a rat-tail comb, create a section at the middle of your hair for your mini bouffant.

create a half updo section for your mini bouffant hair tutorial
Step 3

Create your mini bouffant.

Tease the crown of your hair to create a bump, then gather the ends of your section and use bobby pins to secure in place.

pin hair back to create a mini bouffant hair tutorial
Step 4

Add accent braids.

Take a section of hair and create a small braid on each side of your hair.

spice up your mini bouffant hair tutorial with skinny braids
Step 5

Set with hairspray.

To finish, set your mini bouffant with a holding spray like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray for an all-day hold.

finish the bouffant hair tutorial with hairspray
Step 6

Seal it with a bow.

a bow is a pretty final touch to a mini bouffant

Last but not least, top your mini bouffant off with a cute bow accessory! Now you’re in full holiday swing!

Whether it’s a fancy soiree, a weekend wedding, or even a regular day in the office, updos will have you tressed to impress – but which to choose? For a fail-safe option, our new go-to look is a mini bouffant hairstyle.

7 mini bouffant hairstyle ideas that are easy to DIY

1. Casual mini bouffant hairstyle

close up shot of model on the chanel runway with mini bouffant hairstyle with headband hair accessory, wearing smart suit outfit
If it’s good enough for Brigitte Bardot… Credit:

With a little backcombing, strategic bobby-pin placement and a headband hair accessory, you too can turn second day hair into something that Brigitte Bardot would be happy to call her own.

As this model demonstrates, this romantic and casual style pairs perfectly with a power suit and will easily convince those around you that you’ve spent ages on your mane. Ooh la la!

Editor’s tip: Want to create the perfect mini bouffant hairstyle? You’ll need the Suave Moroccan Infusion Weightless Dry Shampoo, which’ll help give you the texture and grip needed to get the bouffant shape.

2. Sleek mini bouffant bun

close up shot of model on the d and g runway with sleek mini bouffant hairstyle, wearing red dress and drop earrings
Heading out to fancy event? You’ll want to give sleek bouffant style a go! Credit:

Need a style that screams high-fashion vibes? Then it’s time for you to get acquainted with the style that’ll help you slay your day: the sleek mini bouffant bun.

This chic and sophisticated hairstyle is fitting for any formal occasion, and is certain to take your mane game to a whole other level.

Psst! For extra style points, pair the look with some dramatic drop or tassel earrings and you’ll look like you’ve stepped right off the runway.

3. Messy mini bouffant bun

close up shot of model with messy bouffant hairstyle, wearing pink dress on the runway
Take your mini bouffant to modern heights by rocking it messy! Credit:

Whether you’re blessed with natural volume (or achieve it with the help of a texturising spray), you’ll be looking for any excuse to rock this romantically modern mini bouffant hairstyle.

This pumped up look is perfect for ladies who are looking to discreetly evoke retro vibes on their next daytime adventure and will seamlessly take you through to the evening in style, too.

4. Mini bouffant + ponytail hairstyle

back shot of model on the runway with sleek bouffant ponytail hairstyle, wearing checked dress and earrings
You can work this mini bouffant ponytail hairstyle to work and #slay! Credit:

Can’t shake off your love for ponytail hairstyles? Neither can we! So, when we saw this model rocking this mini bouffant and wavy ponytail hybrid, we couldn’t help but include it in our edit.

Despite looking professionally put together, this sexed-up ponytail hairstyle is a quick and easy style to achieve. So the only thing left to decide is, what outfit you should rock with it?

5. Mini bouffant + blogger bun

back shot of woman with blonde hair styled into a bouffant hairstyle
This mini bouffant bun is made for lazy days! Credit:

Now, we’ve already given you 4 amazing reasons why you should try out a bouffant hairstyle this season, but we’re not done yet! The best thing about these styles, is that you can easily switch it up and turn your pumped up pony into a low, on-trend bun.

Yep it’s the gift that keeps on giving; so when in doubt, just fashion your mane into this Instagram-worthy ‘do and call it a day — a good hair day! Credit: @brittsully

Editor’s tip: Finish up with a quick all-over spritz of the Dove Style+Care Compressed Extra Hold Hairspray, to ensure your mini bouffant hairstyle lasts all day.

6. Wavy mini bouffant updo

back shot of model on instagram with volumised updo hairstyle at a salon
Another wedding-perfect ‘do? This one! Credit:

If it’s simple sophistication you’re seeking to convey for your walk down the aisle, a wavy bouffant updo certainly won’t disappoint.

Complete this goddess-inspired look by weaving some tiny flowers into your ‘do, and you’ll be set to make the most memorable of entrances. Credit: @natalieannehair

7. Half-up mini bouffant hairstyle

close up shot of model with half up mini bouffant hairstyle at anna sui, wearing floral dress
Get the both of best worlds with this mini bouffant half-up, half down ‘do. Credit:

While this isn’t technically an updo, it’s hard not to mention it! Half-up hairstyles have been ruling the roost as of late, with their universal appeal and ability to shake up your style in jiffy – whether you have long or short tresses!

Opting for this retro style will allow you show off your mane, all while ensuring your strands are kept off your face. But the best thing about it? You can easily tress up this half updo by wrapping it with a velvet ribbon (AKA the accessory of the season).

Can’t get enough of these retro mini bouffant hairstyle ideas? Then be sure to check out our Vintage Hairstyles page to find the era that’s right for you and your hair! Also for more hairstyle inspiration, subscribe to our newsletter below!

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