Work Hair Ideas: 7 Corporate Casual Hairstyles to Try

Non-stuffy hairstyle ideas that you can wear to the office.

Let’s face it, for many women that work in corporate environments, it can be quite challenging to get away with some of the coolest hair trends out there. While we’re not saying you won’t be able to wear them at all, you might just want to leave those styles as your weekend hair looks. Corporate casual hairstyles don’t have to look or feel boring, there are ways you can work a cool hairstyle or trend into your look without worrying that you may have to have a chat with your boss over your hair.

Whether you have a job interview coming up for a super corporate job or already employed in this setting, get inspired by our roundup of easy corporate casual hairstyles.

7 Easy Corporate Casual Hairstyles

Corporate Casual Hairstyles natural curls
The wash and go is the only hairstyle you’ll need for the entire workweek.

1.The Office-Friendly Wash & Go

There’s been a huge conversation on whether or not natural hair is appropriate for the office. And we are here to tell you: natural hair is appropriate for any work environment. If you’re in the market for figuring out a natural hairstyle that gets you out of the house in time, opt for a quick and easy wash and go hairstyle. Start by washing your hair with some of the Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo. Then, condition with some of the Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner. To style your curls, smooth Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum to add softness and definition to your curls. Diffuse hair to dry Pro tip: Style your hair before the work week, pineapple hair at night and sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent any dryness.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles waves
Great transitional style from the office to after-work fun.

2. The Office Beach Wave

When you think about the beach wave hairstyle, you probably associate the look with a more relaxed environment or hanging out with friends, anything but the office. This wavy hairstyle can definitely be worn to work. To achieve this look: Spritz damp hair with some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, scrunch the product into hair, then let it dry.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles low bun
A stylish trend that’s appropriate for the office.

3. The Sleek Bun

If you’re like any other lady that’s obsessed with beauty trends, you too would want to wear the latest runway look to the office. Go for the sleek bun. For a maximum amount of shine be sure to finish off your hairstyle with a shine spray like Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Hairspray.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles
The undone bun can be turned into a put-together look for the office.

4. The Subtle Messy Bun

Mussed-up textured hairstyles are totally in, and they’re easy to work into a corporate environment. Ease this undone trend into the office with a simple bun like this one. For a more grown-up and professional look part hair to the side, keep the front of your hair neat and leave the [slightly] messy business for your bun.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles
Wrap your hair into a bun when things get a little hectic.

5. The Mid-Day Top Knot

No one is excused from work stress. Often times pulling your hair up mid-day seems to lift the edge off a bit. Opt for this top knot hairstyle or try out this half-up version.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles
Looking to make the cut? The bob haircut is one of the best corporate casual hairstyles.

6. The Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is one of the most versatile haircuts which makes it work for the office. Keep the look contained and maintained. Use a hairspray to keep lock your look in place, and be sure to keep up with your hair trims which will help the overall look remain fresh.

Corporate Casual Hairstyles dreadlocks
Dress them up or dress them down, dreadlocks are versatile, one of the most stylish corporate casual hairstyles, and they’re easy to style.

7. The No-Fuss Dreadlock Hairstyle

Having a long-term hairstyle like dreadlocks may work in your favor. Unlike other corporate casual hairstyles, you don’t have to put too much time and effort into styling your hair in the morning. However, what you can do, is focus on the rest of your look. For the office, pair up your dreadlock hairstyle with a bold red lip—that screams power woman — or a subtle burgundy pout.

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