Dreadlock Hairstyles to Try this Summer

Serena Norr | 23 June 2016

Fun ways to style your dreads this summer.

With summer comes new hairstyles, colors and trends that we can’t wait to try. It’s also a time when we have to adapt our hairstyles, like dreadlocks, when faced with the elements of summer like heat and humidity. But no need to stress, there are tons of options out there for you if you want to maintain your dreads over the summer. Dreadlock hairstyles for summer can be as simple as trying out a new updo, a braided style or adding in some color. Read on discover six of our favorite dreadlock hairstyles, and take our quiz towards the end to discover your favorite.

Dreadlock Hairstyles for Summer

dreadlock hairstyles short dreadlocks
Keep your dreadlocks short and with a touch of color this summer.

1. Short Dreads

To beat the heat, why not keep your dreadlocks short this summer? We love how a shorter dread looks fetching right at the chin or on an angle. Another way to wear your shorter dreads is to enhance this look with a touch for color. Red looks particularly fetching on brown or black hair.

dreadlock hairstyles beach hair fishtail

2. Braided Dreadlocks

Have a lot of hair and can’t bear the big chop? We totally feel you as you search for options to styling your dreadlocks. One look we love is the braided dreadlocks where you can twist and contort your hair into the latest plait. Looks pretty stunning with a fishtail braid, right?

dreadlock hairstyles updo

3. High Up Dreadlocks

Another way to get your dreadlocks out of your face this summer, while still maintaining the style is to wrap them up. We love the look of a twisted updo where you can show-off the incredible collection of coils and dimension in your hair.

dreadlock hairstyles half updp

4. Half-Up Dreads

If you have a slight dread, try the classic half-up, half down look. This versatile style works on on all dreadlocks as it brings depth to your face, while also getting your locs out of your face.

dreadlock hairstyles fake dreadlocks

5. Create Fake Dreads

If you want to try out the dreaded look temporarily, try out some fake dreads. This look involves teasing and intertwining your hair to create twists. This Twist & Rip method, creates a knotty texture that keeps your temporary locs in place. Check out our full fake dreadlock tutorial for more step-by-step details.

dreadlock hairstyles natural look

6. Loose Dreads

If keeping your hair up isn’t your thing, let your dreadlocks be free this summer. We love how this look allows you to experiment with the texture of your hair as you create tight and looser coils throughout your head.

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