20 Chic Curly Weave Hairstyles Trending in 2023

Here's a protective style you need to try. 

If curly weave hairstyles are not on your list of top stylish protective hairstyles to try, we’re giving you a reason why they should be. This is a look that instantly elevates your style and gives you a whole new look. Who doesn’t love having a curly hair moment? We sure do! We believe that girls with curls have more fun. With a curly weave, you can create sexy, practical, fun and flirty hairstyles.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorites too, so scroll through to get inspired by this curly look:

1. Brown Curls

curly weave hairstyles: brown hair
We love golden brown hues for the summer.

Experiment with different hair colors with your curly weave. This golden brown curly is a great way to lighten up the look of curly weave hairstyles. You don’t have to color your natural hair, so this is a great time to see what colors look best on you.

2. Crochet with Streaks

curly weave hairstyles: crochet with streaks
Mix up the look with color.

The crochet style is a fun and pretty protective style to wear on your hair when you want to give your natural hair a break. Wear a crochet style with a mix of streaks to make your look stand out.

3. Black Crochet

curly weave hairstyles crochet braids
Cute and protective.

Wear your crochet style in a simple way like this look above. Opt for this all-black short and curly style. Keep your curly weave frizz free and defined with SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Flyaway & Wrap Mousse. This mousse is perfect for human and synthetic weaves, giving them the perfect smooth finish.

4. Deep Side Part

crochet weave hairstyles deep side part
Go deep with your part for a sultry look.

Create a sexy look with a deep side part. Use pins to keep your curls in the position you want them to fall. By opting for a deep side part like the one pictured here, you create instant volume at the roots of your curly weave style.

5. Stretched Curls

curly weave hairstyles stretched curls
Long curlicues. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

If you want a bit more length to your curly weave, you can opt for a stretched version of curls. Buy a weave that has this curl pattern. This is also a great time to experiment with various color patterns! Opt for an ombré style if you want to change things up.

6. Red Curls

curly weave hairstyles red curls
Try out a shade of red. Photo credit: Arianna Alexander

Not sure what color curls to get with your curly weave? You can always bet on a shade of red. We love how vibrant, and fun this shade of red hair color is and the way it flatters a wide range of skin tones.

7. Layered Curls

curly weave hairstyles: layered curls
Add layers for body.

Add more body to curly weave hairstyles by getting a layered look. Set the look with TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray to add a soft hold to the curl pattern. This micro-mist hair spray offers hold and structure without making your curls crunchy.

8. Brushed Out Curls

curly weave hairstyles brushed out
Try the brushed out effect.

Create a fun and lived-in texture to your style with brushed-out curls. Use a boar bristle brush and gently brush your curls from the ends up. Keep the style frizz-free with a few spritzes of Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray.

9. Short Curls

curly weave hairstyle short curls
Short and chic.

Getting a weave doesn’t always have to mean getting a length past your shoulders. Keep it short and sweet with short curls. This face-framing cut flatters a range of face shapes! The short rounded layers frame the face beautifully.

10. Curly Weave Updo

Curly weave updo
Throw it up for fancy events. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Gather your curly weave up into a chic updo for fancy events. Finish the look with a trendy headband to dress your style up. When styling an outfit, many people forget that hair accessories can play a big role in completing the look! Use a headband or hair clip as the finishing touch to a fancy look.

11. Long and Wavy

curly weave hairstyles wavy
Go for some loose waves. Photo credit: Shaquille Dunbar

Bring on the drama with a long and wavy style. Use a curling wand to create loose waves and set with TRESemmé Volume Thickening Spray. Most curl patterns are all about bringing thickness and volume to your strands. By using thickening hair products, you’ll give your curls an instant leg up.

12. Voluminous Curls

curly weave hairstyles voluminous
Achieve the kind of volume you’ve dreamed about.

Consider another kind of drama by opting for tight, voluminous curls. This is another example of how much a curly hairstyle benefits from shorter layers. These short layers allow your curls to bounce up in all their glory.

13. Super Tight Curls

curly weave hairstyles tight curls
These super tight ringlets are one of our favorite styles.

You can’t go wrong with a classic tight curl. Stay true to your natural color and opt for one all-over shade without any highlights. Soak up any unwanted oils for a fresh look by washing with SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Residue Remover Shampoo.

14. Side-Parted Curls

curly weave hairstyles side part curls
Pull all your curls over to one side.

Show off your curls by pulling them all over to one side. We love this high volume, high drama look. If you are wanting to add even more volume to your style, you can use a comb to gently tease at your roots. This will add instant and long-lasting height to your curly weave style.

15. Cropped Curls

products to make hair curly
Defined curls for days.

Wear your curls in an unexpected, short style. More proof that curly-haired woman can wear bangs. This cropped style beautifully frames the face with carefully cut layers and some strategic highlights too! This style is proof that the right cut and color can completely change a style.

16. Add Bangs

curly weave hairstyles add bangs
Bangs are the perfect way to amp up your look. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

Curly bangs are a show-stopping style and we cannot get enough of them for 2023. This style is all about creating volume, texture and depth, and what’s not to love about that? Consider this style if you want a look that’s edgy and cool and makes a major statement.

17. Medium Length

curly weave hairstyles medium length
This length is perfect for anyone wanting volume and length but nothing too extreme.

Can’t decide between a short or long weave hairstyle? Why not go for a medium length? This style is a classic for a reason; you can’t go wrong with a medium-length curly weave.

18. Beachy Waves

curly weave hairstyles beachy waves
Who doesn’t love a good effortless, beachy style? Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

If you’re looking for a style that has loose curls then why not go for the beachy waves look? These loose waves last for days and can be easily touched up with a curling wand in seconds.

19. Loose Spirals

curly weave hairstyles loose spiral
Go for a different kind of curl, a loose spiral. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

We love this unique curl pattern. Create a more spiral shape with your wand by curling it more diagonally. Don’t keep it on the iron for too long if you want this loose spiral finish.

20. Ringlets

curly weave hairstyles tight wave
It’s technically a wave, but it almost looks like a curl. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

A more natural style ringlet is perfect for girls who don’t have too much time for styling in the mornings. This look screams, “I woke up like this!”

With all the curly weave hairstyles trending for 2023, it can be hard to pick just one. Don’t be too overwhelmed by the decision because whatever you pick is going to look amazing.


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