30 Unique Hairdos for Curly Hair Under 5 Minutes or Less

Five minutes or less, pinky swear. 

Just like any other hair type, curly hair comes with its own set of challenges. Some days the perfect cocktail of hair products mixes well with the weather outside and the hair gods smile down on you. Other days everything seems to unite against you to give you the bad hair day of all bad hair days. To help you out, we’ve rounded up a collection of hairdos and hairstyles for curly hair that you can create effortlessly and quickly!

Hairdos for Curly Hair: Easy Looks You Need to Try

These curly styles are great for those days when your curls are in check and even better for the days when they’re misbehaving.

1. Twisted Back Curly Hairdo

hairdos fro curly hair twist it back
Pull back your curls for a change. Photo credit: Alexander Craig

Use your finger to draw a deep side part through your curly hair. Gather the smaller side of your curly hair in your hand, and pull it to the back of your head. Twist the outer pieces until you’ve created a side updo, and hold it in place with your fingers as you slide bobby pins in. Create an ‘X’ shape with bobby pins to lock them into place, ensuring that your style stays put.

2. Put a Headband on it

hairdos fro curly hair headband
Add a statement headband to your look. Photo credit: Alexander Craig

This trick isn’t specific to women with curly hair, but we love how an intricate accessory looks with curls. A headband with beautiful details distracts from curls that fall out of your general curl pattern and allows your hair to become a way to show off one of your favorite accessories. This is one of our favorite hacks for dealing with a bad hair day too!

3. Red Carpet Glam Hairstyle for Curly Hair

hairdos for curly hair pulled back hair
Looking for thin curly hairstyles for short hair? This is the one for you.

This style is the secret to instant glam in a matter of seconds. Creating a deep side part and twisting a small portion on the minor side gives you a glamorous red carpet look without any of the fuss. Once again, use two bobby pins locked together in an ‘X’ shape to hold the style in place. Run The Good Stuff Curl Hydration Butter through the roots of your hair before styling for extra volume and even more glam.

4. Curly Hair Waterfall Braid

hairdos for curly hair waterfall braid
A texturized waterfall braid is the perfect messy style.

If you’re thinking about skipping this style because you aren’t a pro braider, hear us out first. This braided style works even better the more undone it is, so you don’t need to be a pro to achieve this look. Spray some TTRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray through your hair for an easier time keeping the braid in place.

5. When in Doubt, Brush it Out

hairdos for curly hair brushed out
Grab your hair brush and hear us out.

Back in the dark ages (a.k.a. the Excessive ’80s), it used to be considered a major faux pas to brush curly hair, but times have changed. If your curls are misbehaving, then embrace the direction they’re going in and help them along. Not only are brushed-out curls trendy these days but combing out your curls is also a great way to turn a bad hair day into a major style statement.

6. Create a Cinnamon Twist Hairdo

hairdos for curly hair cinnamon swirls
Give your style a swirl.

Tease your roots at the front of your crown for a little bit of subtle volume up on top and gather your hair back into multiple mini twists down your hair. Use a mist of Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray to hold the look in place. That’s all there is to this hairdo for curly hair!

7. Go for a Classic

hairdos for curly hair hollywood curls
You can never go wrong with a classic.

Emphasize your curly hair by creating a Hollywood curl look. Simply run your curls through a curling wand to create more uniform curls with body and movement. An easy hairdo for curly hair that is an instant classic.

8. Learn the French Faux-Hawk

hairdos for curly hair French braid
This style thrives on messiness.

Create three separate French braids that feed into one larger braid. This style thrives on messiness so don’t worry too much about how skilled you are in the braiding department.

9. Tie a Scarf On

hairdos for curly hair headband scarf
Roll one of your favorite scarves into a headband.

This is an easily forgotten hack that works for every hair type but looks particularly great with hairdos for curly hair. Tie a wound-up scarf around your hair as an easy and impactful accessory.

10. Go with a Bandana

hairdos for curly hair bandana
Bandanas have made a comeback.

Bandanas made a comeback a few years ago and we’ve been seeing them consistently since. They’re a perfect style when it comes to hairdos for curly hair. Go for a casual boho vibe by wearing a bandana on top of your curls.

11. Add a Beanie

hairdos for curly hair beanie
A beanie is always a good idea. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for thin curly hair as it allows you to spread your curls as they cascade out of a chic beanie. We love hairdos for curly hair like this as they give the illusion of more hair!

12. Braided Pigtails

hairdos for curly hair pigtail braids
Loosen up two braided pigtails.

This is another one of our favorite hairdos for curly hair. Pull apart two braided pigtails to add the illusion of extra thickness to your strands.

13. Tied up Curly Hairdo

hairdos for curly hair messy low updo
Pin it up.

Ask your stylist for one of the best hairdos for curly hair: a layered look. Pin the longer layers back and let the shorter pieces fall out and frame your face.

14. Alternate Braiding

hairdos for curly hair different size braids
Mix and match different-sized braids.

An easy way for amateur braiders to up their braiding game is by creating a style that incorporates braids of different sizes. Add interest and dimension to a basic style by utilizing three-strand braids that are of different sizes.

15. A Floral Bun

hairdos for curly hair half updo bun
A chic and effortless style!

Another one of our favorite hairdos for curly hair is this super high bun half updo. This style will give you loads of volume and is perfect for so many occasions, including a de-stressing, yoga sesh!

16. High Half Hairdo for Curly Hair

girl with long curly hair wearing half updo
You can’t go wrong with this classic style.

A classic high half-updo is the perfect go-to style. Plus, the natural texture of your curls looks great with this style because it adds volume.

17. Dutch Braid Pigtails

girl with blonde hair and dutch braid pigtails
This style is perfect for so many occasions!

Dutch braided pigtails are the perfect way to keep your hair pulled back while still showing off your gorgeous texture.

18. One-Sided Clip

girl with blonde hair and red lipstick with a pearl hair clip
Keep your hair out of your face with a trendy clip.

What’s more elegant than a one-sided hairstyle? Create a deep side part and clip the smaller port of hair back with a trendy clip. This style is chic and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

19. Braided Half-Updo for Curly Hair

girl with blonde curly hair and braided half updo
Opt for an effortless boho style.

You can’t go wrong with an effortless boho half-updo look. Let your curly texture shine with this style!

We love using a flexible spray, like Nexxus Maxximum Finishing Mist. This spray will help enhance your natural texture, giving second-day hair a boost of volume.

20. Top Knot Hairstyle for Curly Hair

girl with curly top knot
Try an effortless updo.

The natural texture curly girls have is so beneficial when it comes to top knots. Curly hair makes this style stay in place easier and gives added volume to finally achieve that messy, yet perfect bun.

21. Add a Hair Bow

girl with curled hair wearing a black hair bow
Dress up your look with a hair bow.

Want to let your inner girly girl out? Dress up your style with a hair bow! Your curls will help add volume and interest too the look–perfect when wearing a hair accessory.

22. Try out a Newsboy Hat

girl with curly hair wearing newsboy hat
This 2000’s hat is back!

Having a bad hair day? No problem! Just like many 2000’s trends, the newsboy hat is back. All you have to do is throw on a hat and you’re good to go!

23. Back Braid Updo

girl with upside down braided bun
Dress up a typical top knot.

Make your regular top knot stand out by adding an upside-down french braid to the back. We love how this simple addition adds so much interest to the look.

To help lock everything in place, we love using TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray because it’ll keep your style in place all day long without making your strands feel crunchy.

24. Double Twisted Half-Updo

girl with double twisted hair
Keep hair out of your face with this double twisted style.

Sick of the front pieces of hair falling in your face all day? Keep your hair back with this twisted  hairstyle for curly hair . To help define curls, use Suave Luscious Curls Curl Defining Cream. We love this product because it defines and adds body and bounce while providing a light hold.

25. Wear a Beret on Curly Hair

girl with curly hair wearing a red beret
Take some French inspo with this beret style.

It’s time to grab some style inspo from the streets of Paris. Turn a classic beret into a chic everyday staple. This is the perfect solution to any hair day when you don’t know how to style your hair or just don’t have the time.

26. Double Braided Bun

girl with double braided bun
Take a basic bun to new levels.

Say hello to voluminous dutch braids! When it comes to braiding like this, the added texture from curls is so beneficial. For the complete boho look, make sure to leave face-framing pieces of hair.

27. Brushed-Out Curly Hairdo

girl with brushed out curls and hair scarf
Brish out your curls for an extra voluminous look.

Want the most voluminous look possible? Brush out your curls and accessorize your look with a hair scarf.

28. Middle-Parted Curly Hairdo

girl with curly hair and middle part
Switching your part can make a huge difference.

Just a simple switch of your part from side to middle or middle to side can make a high difference in your look.

29. Faux-Hawk Hairstyle for Curly Hair

girl with curly natural hair in a faux hawk
Opt for a faux-hawk.

Want to try a daring style without making too many drastic changes? Opt for this faux hawk look. We love how this style gives you the opportunity to be more daring with your look, but you don’t have to commit to anything!

30. Space Buns

girl with curly hair wearing space bun
Have fun with this space bun style!

Try a playful style like these space buns. They’re the perfect style to wear when you want to keep your face pulled back, but also want to show off your curls.

From brushing out your curls and braided styles to accessorizing with hats and clips, hairdos for curly hair are endless!

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