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Knotless Box Braids With Color: 9 Styles to Try Next

Once you try colorful braids you may never go back to neutral colors!

Knotless braids and box braids are a hairstyle that has and never will go out of style! If you’re a naturalista then you’ve definitely had knotless or regular box braids at one point or another. However, chances are you’ve always gone for colors that match your natural hair color or slightly neutral shades.

Are you ready to step out of the box and try something new and fun with your braids? Check out these 9 different colorful styles that you can try for your next set of knotless braids. 

Colorful Knotless Braids For your Next Box Braids Style

Disclaimer: Not all of these styles featured are classified as knotless braids. However, they are all box braids styles. This article is meant to be used as a color style guide.

1. Ombre Green Braids

Girl with green box braids
Green braids elude positivity & chicness. Photo by Atiya Walker

With these green braids, you will emulate all the positive vibes! If you want to balance out this bold color, try using ombre braiding hair! You will have the safety of your neutral hair color at the top, and then a pop of bold green at the bottom. 

2. Ombre Pink Colorful Braids 

Pink Box Braids
You can opt-in for brighter color braids rather than darker ones. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

The beautiful thing about ombre braiding hair is that it comes in nearly any color you could think of! If green is not your color, then opt for something more bright like pink! While caring for this hairstyle, don’t forget to use oils such as SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Tea Tree & Borage Seed Oil Scalp Soother to help you nourish your roots while they’re in the protective style

3. Purple + Pink Highlight Knotless Braids

pink and purple box braids
Mixing hair braiding colors add a unique effect to the style. Photo by Emmanuel Zua

Can’t decide between colors? Create an intricate look by combining complementing colors. Some color combo ideas for this type of knotless braids look are pink + purple, green + blue, blonde + orange, and more! 

4. Purple Highlight Knotless Braids

girl with purple highlighted hair
Highlighting braids can help you tone down bold colors. Photo by Loly Galina

A classic way to wear highlights on your knotless braids is to wear them with your natural color. It is the perfect way to balance out any bold color!. If you plan on wearing your braids with loose ends like in this photo, use a styling gel such as Suave Smooth Performer Anti-Frizz Cream to prevent additional frizz and flyaways. 

5. Purple Colorful Box Braids

girl with purple box braids
Purple braids complement a variety of clothing and makeup colors. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Purple is what we like to call a “bold neutral.” It is the perfect color to try if you want your hair to coordinate with a variety of clothing/ makeup colors and tones! You can wear it with both bold and neutral colors and still look amazing. 

6. Gray Highlight Box Braids 

gray box braids
Gray highlights are also a great “bold-neutral” color Photo by Baylee Gramling

These gray braids are another “bold neutral” color option for your knotless braids. Wear the color alone or wear them in stunning highlights per your preference. 

7. Blonde + Burnt Orange Braids

blonde box braids
Spice up blonde with orange. Photo by WillSpirit L.N

If you love your blondes, spice it up by adding some burnt orange hues to your knotless braids or regular box braids. If you choose to fully commit to this style by dying your roots to match your colorful braids, use The Good Stuff Color Protect Milk to help preserve your hair coloring. 

8. Red Colorful Highlights

Red highlights box braids
Add some pops of red for the perfect everyday look. Photo by Kingsley Osei-Abrah

For the naturalistas who still want to keep it neutral, try adding dark red highlights to your braids. This is the perfect colorful hairstyle to wear for the Fall and Winter seasons. To keep your edges sleek while wearing this style in braids, use Emerge Edge Control for easy styling. 

9.  Toned Down Red Braids 

Red Box Braids
Looking for the perfect fall+ winter look? Then try this. Photo by Gbenga Onalaja

If you plan on ringing in the cool seasons with red hair, then try this toned-down red hair in the regular box braid or knotless braids style. Toning a color like red down allows you to try something possibly new and out of the box for you while also being able to convert the braids into a stunning everyday style. 

Which colorful knotless braids or regular box braids style do you plan on trying? Show us your colorful braids by tagging us @AllThingsHairUS. Also for more braids inspo, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below! 

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