Short Hair Ideas for Men: 2 New Ways to Style Your Hair

New year, new look. 

No one is exempt from feeling like they’ve ran out of hairstyle ideas. And for all you short-haired guys, you probably want to try your hand at something fresh and new on your crop for the new year. No more casual quiffs, mohawks or combovers for a while! We have some new (and easy!) short hair ideas for men to try out! Read on to check out these two cool and simple new ways to wear your short cut this year.

Short Hair Ideas for Men: 2 New Ways to Wear Your Hair

young model wearing invisible side part hairstyle
Short Hair Ideas for Men: Try your hand at creating an invisible part hairstyle. Photo

1. The Invisible Hair Part

A new and trendy look to try this season is the invisible part, and it’s fairly easy to do. To begin, wash hair with Dove Men + Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner to give your hair a visibly thicker look before styling. (Here’s the thing: With an invisible part, you want your hair to be thick and fluffy enough to hide it.) Once dry, use your hands to create a barely-there part and separate your hair. Apply a finger tip amount Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to your hair then use a blowdryer to set your look.

young model wearing quiff hairstyle
Short Hair Ideas for Men: Go for a subtle edge when styling your quiff hairstyle. Photo credit:

2. Quiff with Subtle Edge

If you’re just tired of styling your hair into a clean and smooth quiff, try something edgy for a change. To create this spiked quiff hairstyle start by washing with a formula that provides a bit of volume. Wash hair with Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Fortifying Shampoo to cleanse and give your hair texture a fuller look. To style, warm about a dime-sized amount of Axe Spiked-Up Look Extreme Hold Gel into your hands, then apply to your hair while fingercombing it through– from left to right– to encourage movement. Mold your spikes the way you want and you’re done!

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