10 Cool Hairstyles for Men

You'll be sure to find your new look in this round-up of cool hairstyles.

Time to round up the troops. We’ve been documenting how to achieve many of the hottest hairstyles for men one by one, but now it’s time to lay them all out on the line. Looking for haircut inspiration? Or maybe you’re in the mood to revamp your hairstyle? Look no further: From high tops to tousled cuts, read on to discover some of the cool hairstyles for men that are having a moment!

Cool Hairstyles for Men

cool hairstyles curly part
Long curls, waves and a dramatic part complete this look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. The side part

Whether your side part is hard (a.k.a. extremely prominent) or not, it adds a sexy feature to your hairstyle. We love how this partition neatly disconnects the lengths between your low fade when paired with a high-top hairstyle.

comb over blonde hair men
Comb-over hairstyles are great for the classy man. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. The comb-over

Sleek, slick and under control, and probably what you’ll see when defining the comb-over. This hairstyle has made its way from the red carpet straight to the pavement. The comb-over is versatile, as you can comb it back, or to the left or right. Be sure to keep it in check with the help of some pomade or gel.

cool hairstyles male top knot
Rock the male top knot.

4. The top knot

One of the coolest and carefree, yet cool hairstyles for men is the top knot. Why? It’s so easy to master and is great for when you have your roll-out-of-bed moments. Wake, smooth your locks on back into a bun, secure and go!

semi-high cut fade
Semi-high top fade style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. High fade

Whether worn on African-American textured hair or not, this funky 1980s-inspired fade haircut hairstyle earns major cool points as it’s making a huge comeback this season in a contemporary way. Men are pairing up the higher middle section of their hair with an undercut and even sometimes a crew cut. Either way, this hairstyle is unique and great for the guy who loves to play around with his personal style.

cool hairstyles pompadour
Go for the pompadour for your next look.

6. The pompadour haircut

The voluminous effect of this haircut is what really makes the style. The versatility of this haircut allows you to wear it to work or for play and is fairly easy to achieve. Don’t believe us? Check out our pompadour haircut tutorial.

cool hairstyle man braid
The man braid is a definite do!

7. Man braids

Almost every guy is rocking braids these days. Whether it’s multiple cornrows, worn as a single long braided man ponytail or in lieu of a man bun, this style can be dressed up or down. But we feel it looks most neat when forelocks or flyaways are kept at bay with the help of your go-to pomade.

cool hairstyles tousled hair
The tousled look is great if you want a little length.

8. Tousled cut

Nothing screams effortless other than the tousled cut. We love this hairstyle especially on men with medium-length hair with a wavy texture that gives the style a much more natural look.

360 waves on curly hair cool hairstyles for men
360 waves are cool and fresh looking! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

9. 360 waves

Waves on spin! How can one look at this hairstyle and not get dizzy? And we mean that in a good way:  The circular wavy effect of this hairstyle is rather artistic. The fact that men are putting time and effort into this very distinct hairstyle is mindblowing and many are feeling this suave look.

cool hairstyles low fade
Go for the low fade as your simple and cool cut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Skin fade

Clean-cut and well balanced, the skin fade haircut is shaved in one length all around. We get why men are opting for this haircut: It requires minimal styling. Seriously, wake and go! But to keep it tamed and at this hair length, a weekly haircut will do.

cool hairstyles long hair mens
Guys can rock long hair with a few simple grooming tips. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

11. Long and messy

Something about this hairstyle screams sexy. And we don’t mean that long hair is kept by being unkempt, but more like giving it a wispy appeal which gives it that masculine and slightly disheveled vibe. Whether it’s finger-combed back by running your fingers through your hair or associated with a barely-there side part, this long and messy hairstyle for men is great for those who can’t imagine parting ways with their long hair.

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