AXE Hair Spokestylist Amy Komorowski On How to Style Men’s Hair In Less Than 30 Seconds

Imagine waking up with great hair, every single day.

The snooze button, a quick shower, maybe a gulp of coffee and toast on a good day—for most men, waking up and being out the door in less than 30 minutes is a must on weekday mornings. But, as we’ve discerned from your focus on our trend roundups, so is showing up looking on-point. The bad-hair blues affects dudes too, and as AXE Hair Spokestylist Amy Komorowski proves—together with AXE Master Barber Pedro Rosario and four of today’s hottest male social media influencers, collectively known as the AXE Hair Creators—the goal is to have every guy want, and learn by themselves, how to style men’s hair in a way that is super-easy and also very empowering.

Read on to see our quick chat with Amy, where we get straight to the meat of how to style men’s hair in less than a minute (seriously).

AXE Hair Spokestylist Amy Komorowski on How to Style Men’s Hair

how to style men's hair amy and brodie
How to Style Men’s Hair: Amy spiffs up Brodie Smith’s ‘do. Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: Pedro (Rosario, AXE Master Barber) mentioned that if it takes you more than a minute to do your hair, you’re doing it wrong. Is that completely accurate?

Amy Komorowski: Well, I think the everyday guy—like Josh Elkin, whose hair I did, the culinary expert—I mean, he’s a strong look. Someone who has that aesthetic, like a pompadour, I would say that that would take a couple of minutes, because it involves using a comb and using a hairdryer, so maybe not just one minute. But I think for the average [guy], just putting a little bit of product in your hands and running it through your hair, it really shouldn’t take more than a minute. But if you’re that guy who’s really into a strong look, then it should take a couple of minutes.

All Things Hair: So if you have that everyday fade that maybe takes the average guy around 3 to 5 minutes, any tips on how to style men’s hair with that particular hairstyle? And do you recommend styling it right out of the shower?  

Amy Komorowski: I do. I like to start with wet hair so when these guys came in, I wet their hair and put product in. Some of them I let air-dry, and with some of them I used a hair dryer. I think it also depends on your hair texture and the length of your hair. Obviously, if you have short hair and easy texture, then it’s really going to take 30 seconds to a minute. But right now we’re seeing a lot of longer hair, mid-length hair and curlier hair—[that’s] going to take a few minutes. With curly hair you might want to put a cream through wet hair; with curls, you kind of have to scrunch it up and put some salt spray in it then let it air-dry, and then you maybe run a bit of product in it.

All Things Hair: How much product is a good amount to use?

Amy Komorowski: I was talking to the AXE innovators about this, and they were surprised with how little product I used. You don’t want use too much ’cause you can always come back. So start with a little bit, maybe even just a dime-sized amount… And you can always go back and use more, because once you put that product in, it can harden. But AXE hair products are pretty great, because they move through the hair very easily and they’re not a heavy consistency, so I don’t think you can go wrong. But it’s always best to start with a little at first.

how to style men's hair axe products
How to Style Men’s Hair: Start with a dime-sized amount, and build up from there as needed. Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: What’s the best way to blow-dry hair? This is for the guys out there who need a bit more help on how to blow-dry, who maybe just steal a blowdryer from their girlfriend’s drawers here and there. We’re trying to educate guys on how to do it. Hopefully with Instagroom it will be so much easier, but tell us: What’s the best way to teach a guy how to style men’s hair with a blowdryer, really quickly and really simply?

Amy Komorowski: Use your fingers. Forget the comb and the brush—it becomes way too complicated. So if you want the height in the front—first of all, just go back and forth [with the nozzle], maybe rake your fingers through—so direct the hairdryer and direct the heat where you want volume. And then, sometimes, even a blast of cool air to seal it in.

All Things Hair: Direct the heat where you want volume. That’s a really good tip. Obviously product goes after you blow-dry?

Amy Komorowski: Yes. Or, if guys have thicker hair, sometimes (and this is just a couple more steps for the more high-maintenance guy) I’ll start with a cream or a gel first when the hair is wet, then blow-dry and then finish off with a messy paste or a pomade just for a little bit of extra hold.

how to style men's hair axe hair creators panel
The AXE Hair Creators (from left): Brodie Smith, Josh Elkin, AXE Master Barber Pedro Garcia, AXE Hair Spokestylist Amy Komorowski, Joshua Ovenshire and Josh Peck. Photo credit: AXE

All Things Hair: So it’s always the creamier product first before the tackier one?

Amy Komorowski: Yes. And it’s amazing how with guys—seriously, like 30 seconds, a little bit of product, just seeing some definition and a little bit of sheen in the hair, and they immediately just look more well-put-together. It’s really that simple. AXE is all about wanting guys to style their hair everyday and be able to do it themselves.

All Things Hair: What is the hottest hair trend you’ve been seeing around lately, as well as the easiest-to-maintain looks?

Amy Komorowski: I’ve noticed a lot of really short hairstyles with beards, like at all [awards shows]. Still seeing a lot of the barber looks, but I’m seeing more extreme, really short [cuts] on the sides, like a high and tight on the top but with beards. But then we’re seeing longer hair too, like a shag. And crew cuts!

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