9 Bald Fade Styles Every Guy Needs To Try

Keep your cut clean with this faded style.

Lately, one of the biggest styles in the game has been the bald fade. It’s a classic look that just about any guy can rock, and contrary to popular belief, it’s very versatile to style. Check out some of our favorite bald fade hairstyles and try one out for yourself:

9 Bald Fade Styles You Need To Try This Season

bald fade buzz cut
A buzz cut fade is perfect to maintain for extra curly hair.

1. Buzz Cut

If you’re just looking for a fresh cut that’s easy to maintain, then a buzz cut with a bald fade is the best way to go. This cut is simple, clean and perfect for going day to day without having to do any excess styling.

bald fade taper fade
Get a clean cut with this taper-fade combo.

2. Taper-Fade

A Tape-fade combination is great for having a sleek, clean style to your fresh cut. Style your hair with AXE Urban Look: Flexible Paste to give your hair a messy and sexy look.

bald fade curly fade
If you have curlier hair and don’t want to go too short with your hair, this fade is perfect for you.

3. Curly Fade

For those of you with curlier hair, a simple bald fade is perfect for maintaining a simple and clean cut without having to style it all the time. Just a simple shave of the sides is all you need to get this look.

fade haircut
If you like to keep your hair short, then play it up with some facial hair.

4. Chin Strap

Combining a bald fade with a chin strap is a great way to add some spice to your style. Or if you really want to go all out, try growing a beard and styling it with beard oil and balm.

bald fade afro
A bald fade into an afro is the perfect way to freshen up your look. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Afro

If you go minimal with the hair clippers, an afro with a bald fade is the best stye for you. This look is funky and fresh, and your hair will stand loud and proud against everyone else’s basic styles. Tame any frizz or puffiness with AXE Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade for the ultimate styled afro.

bald fade comb over
This isn’t your grandpa’s combover.

6. Combover

When you think of combover, you usually don’t think “sexy.” But, when there’s a will there’s a way to make any cut look good, and the comb over has definitely gotten an upgrade. Just style it with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade for a sleek finish to your hair.

bald fade side bang
If you want a more drastic look, go for this side bang style.

7. Side Bang

If you have long, naturally straighter hair, a side bang is a great way to incorporate a bald fade to your style without having to cut off most of your hair. This big and bold bang is easy to style and gives off a rocker feel.

bald fade grown out curls
Let your curls flow free with this style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Grown Out Curls

If you’re tired of going to the barber all the time, let your curls grow out and do their thing. Just trim the sides to a bald fade into your curly hair and let those curls loose.

bald fade bowl cut
Go against the grain this winter with this blast from the past hair cut.

9. Bowl Cut

This cut was a big trend back in the day, and now it’s making a daring comeback. This style is not for the weak, and if you style it with AXE Natural Look Softening Cream, you can give this look a major upgrade.

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