10 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles You Can Create at Home

Serena Norr | 27 April 2016

Wedding styles you can create at home. Seriously.

Weddings are expensive. Sure, that’s probably the understatement of the year, but we think that having fancy occasions shouldn’t mean you have be paying them off for years to come. One way to cut down on costs is to do your own wedding hairstyles. We know that this might sound daunting, but doing your own hair can save you some serious bucks. Plus, styling your own wedding hair allows you to create a style that is personal and beautiful, without being too complicated or intricate. This day, after all, is all about fun where you can show-off your gorgeous locks and cool style, without having to stress about hair management all day long. Check out these 10 beautiful wedding hairstyles you can create at home for your big day:

 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles braids
Create an easy style with braids for your wedding.

1. Braids

Braids are one of our favorite looks to look chic and perfectly together without doing much. If you have long or medium-length hair, try the fishtail braid, french braid or the gorgeous halo braid. The braid style looks stunning on those with long hair, creating a beautiful, romantic look that will keep your guest breathless as you walk down the aisle.

perfect chignon final set
Beautiful chignon you can create for your wedding day.

2. Chignon

A chic style to wear, the chignon keeps your hair out of your face as your neck and frame become the stars of the show. Enhance this look by opting for a low and sophisticated braided version where you can place flowers throughout your hair, or add a subtle jeweled headband that’s sure to make you sparkle. This look is also great if you have bangs, wherein you can have them wisp around your face as the rest of your hair is restrained.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles bun
A bun (with a tiara!) is a chic way to showcase your style. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

3. Bun Styles

Create a clean look for your wedding day with a regal bun. Great for long or medium-length hair, this look is renowned for its simplicity as it sits tightly on your crown. Add some personality to this look by enhancing your bun with a jeweled headband, hair brooch or some flowers.

short blonde tight curls
Rock the short curls on your wedding.

4. Short Curls

If you have a bob, play with the texture of your hair and create tight, bouncy curls for your wedding day. This is especially stunning if you typically only wear your hair straight. Be sure to hold your curls in place with some hairspray and add even more dazzle to this look by wearing a floral crown.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles updo
Go for a low updo on your wedding day.

5. Updo

One look that looks effortlessly put-together is the updo. Great for all hair lengths, you can opt to place a lot of hair up, or very little. Another option is to let some wispy strands break free for a romantic effect. You can also opt to go for a different hair type where you curl or straighten your lower locks. Use a big barrette to ensure this look stays put.

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles loose waves
Go for glam, yet loose curls for your big day. Photo credit: Indigital

6. Loose Curls

Modern-day hippies will be all over this look, which involves loose and natural-looking curls. Great for both straight hair and wavy hair, you can create this look by blow-drying your hair on the lowest temperature. Use some of the Suave Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to create some cool natural-looking hair waves.

Wedding hairstyles long hair side pony
Go for a sweeping side pony for your big day.

7. Dramatic Side Sweep

Another beautiful, yet easy look is to take one side of your hair and secure it on top the other side. This creates depth and dimension to your face while also looking modern. Clip your hair together with a pearled brooch or some flowers.

braids for fancy wedding day
Braids adorned with flowers for your wedding.

8. Half-Up Braids

A take on the updo, this look is all about the braid in the middle of your hair. Simply part your hair as if you were creating an updo, and then create two braids on each side of your head and have them meet in the middle. Clip them in place and create loose curls on the bottom half of your hair with a curling wand. Remember to use a heat protectant like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist to protect your hair as you apply heat to it.

Wedding Hairstyles headband
A simple headband might be all you need to create your wedding look.

9. Add a Headband

Yes, you can wear a headband on your wedding day, especially when there are so many ways to upgrade this style. One variation we love for weddings is to add some loose waves to your hair and create a boho-inspired look by placing the headband around your head. Add in some flowers in the mix for a stunning, yet effortless look.

 wedding hairstyles

10. Braided Crown

There’s something so romantic and whimsical about a braided crown. Great for all hair lengths, you’re essentially creating a regal-looking crown around the front of your hair. This woven style can be enhanced with some flowers and looks particularly delicate with a low bun. This day is your princess moment, so don’t be afraid to look like one!

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate and have fun! We hope this gallery inspired you to create a special look in the comfort of your home that won’t cost a ton of money.


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