How to Style Wavy Hair, 4 Ways

Alyssa François | 24 April 2016

Enhance your wavy style with these styling tips.

Straight locks are timeless and are also often said to be the easiest of hair types to manage. While you might fuss that your hair just won’t stand a chance at holding a wave or curl, remember there are also those who wish their hair would remain bone-straight all day long! And for those of you that already have wavy hair, enhance the look of your waves with simple styling tricks. Wavy hair is versatile and full of touchable texture. Grab a notepad and prepare your shopping list, as we’ve rounded up some simple ways on how to style wavy hair and how to achieve wavy hairstyles on straight hair.

wavy hairstyles with sea salt spray
Achieve subtle waves with sea salt spray.

How to Style Wavy Hair, 4 Ways

1. Sea Salt Spray

Bring your own sand to the beach (well, sort of) with a simple technique. Salt spray is typically designed to be used on the ends of hair and assists in creating a natural beach wave. As the hair is coated with the salt in the spray, your hair cuticle begins to swell, resulting in that coveted beachy look. Straight strands really benefit from salt sprays like Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Sea Salt Spray, as it adds texture while also imparting a touchable bend. Roughing up roots with your fingers can add texture too. Opt for a serum for shine or some hairspray to retain your straight-from-the-beach wavy hairstyle.

2. Sleep in Braids

Isn’t it nice to get your hair styled while you sleep? This two-in-one hair strategy with plaits will enable you to achieve effortless and gentle waves. Start by brushing hair so that it’s free of tangles, then spritz with a holding spray. Weave each section into two loose plaits then secure the ends with a hairband. Untie the hair in the morning and run your fingers through hair to loosen it. Spritz hair with a shine spray or serum to finish. If you want stronger waves, experiment with several plaits on damp hair using a styling lotion. Left in overnight and loosened in the morning, this technique will give a more distinctly textured effect.

wavy hairstyles on long hair how to style wavy hair
Wondering how to style wavy hair? Enhance your waves with a large curling iron.

3. Large Barrel Curling Iron

To achieve waves with this technique, start with clean, blown-out hair, then prep strands with a holding product to help enhance your curls. Afterwards, section your hair into two halves by parting from ear to ear. Secure the top section of your hair to keep it out of the way. Beginning with the back section, pull out a subsection of hair and using the curling iron, curl towards your face.

Oftentimes with straight hair, it’s harder to keep a curl. As you continue to curl the hair, pin. towards the scalp which forces the hair to set the curl. Repeat the same routine with the top section of your hair until the entire head is curled. Allow the hair to set for about five to 10 minutes. Release all of your curls and brush hair with a boar-bristled paddle brush. Then smooth pomade all over your waves to add polish and set your strands with TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hair Spray.

4. Ironed Twists

This can be done with a curling iron or a flat iron. Prep hair with Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist then simply twist a section of your hair from root to tip then wrap locks around the iron. If you are using a flight iron, gradually clamp it down the twisted section. This technique will create a looser curl, resulting in beach-like waves.

There you have it! Try out these simple and effective techniques to get the wave you crave.  


Now you know how to style wavy hair with a few new tricks. Which of these methods will you try to achieve your wavy hairstyles?