3 Ways to Upgrade Your Updo with a Headwrap

Alyssa François | 13 October 2016
how to use a headwrap

Upgrading your updos just got easier.

These days, it’s officially becoming harder and harder to actually have a bad hair day. With the endless options of lazy girl hairstyles and accessories like a simple headwrap, your busy mornings and failed attempts at trying out new styles (and getting it all wrong) now has a quick fix. You no longer have an excuse to not have a good hair day.

When it comes to bad hair days, many of us opt for throwing our hair up into the classic ponytail or messy bun. However, with a headwrap, we can definitely amp up our updos (no one would ever know about our bad hair day situation). Not only are headwraps easy to wear, there are also a ton of options of fabrics, prints and styling techniques that will put a stylish spin on your entire outfit. After all, accessories do make the look. Here are three of our favorite ways to wear a headwrap and how you can get the look.

3 Simple and Stylish Ways to Wear a Headwrap

headwrap is one cool accessory for the fall
A stylish way to keep your head warm this season. Photo credit: Raquel Espírito Santo

1.Wear it in lieu of a hat.

On a bad hair day, most of us will grab a hat and call it a day or simply use it to keep our heads warm. Besides being a chic and fun accessory, a headwrap can be used to keep your head warm during the colder months. Style your hair into a super low bun to start. Fold the scarf into a triangle shape, place it on your head and tie it at the back. Use the ends of the wrap to tie around your head and secure it in place.

turban headwrap accessory
Draw inspiration from different cultures to create your look. Photo credit: Raquel Espírito Santo

2. Tie it like a turban.

Drawing inspiration from Indian culture, opt for the turban style as a way to wear your headwrap. Comb hair up into a high ponytail. Your ponytail will help create the height of your turban. Wrap your headwrap around your head, then tie the ends into a knot at the front of your head.

headband headwrap natural hair updo
Wear this headband style to the gym or for a chic off-duty look. Photo credit: Raquel Espírito Santo

3. Wear it as a headband.

If you’re one of those gals, that has to go to the gym with a stylish workout outfit and headgear to match to save your hairstyle, try this gym-friendly option out. Gather your hair up into your go-to gym updo to begin. Fold your headwrap into the size of the headband you prefer, then wrap it around your hairline.  Create your own unique take by creating a bow at the top and tuck the ends of the turban underneath the knot.

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