Video: How to Style Short Hair from Nikki Phillippi

Serena Norr | 22 April 2016
Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle by NikkiPhillippi - All Things Hair
10mins Style Easy

Rock this glamorous half up, half down hairstyle inspired by the red carpet! This loose and relaxed look is a great hairstyle for short hair.

Having short hair is a fun way to enjoy a relatively low-key style. However, you may find that you want to mix up your look and create a new and easy style like a half up, half down look. In this All Things Hair video by Nikki Phillippi (above), we learn more about how to style short hair with a chic look that’s inspired by the red carpet! This loose and relaxed look is a great hairstyle for short hair. Check out the tips on how to style short hair and learn more about the products Nikki uses so that you can recreate this look at home.

Tutorial: How to Style Short Hair

Step 1: Start with a clean scalp.

For every style, Nikki likes to start with clean hair. She loves the shampoo and conditioner from CLEAR that adds moisture into her scalp and hair.

Step 2: Use hair serum.

Nikki thinks that this step is really important to create shiny and manageable hair. She mentioned that she uses it every time that she washes her hair. She applies it half-way down her hair to the ends. She stated that helps to seal the cuticles together and make your hair soft and moisturized.

Step 3: Next up is mousse.

She loves using mousse as a way to maintain the curl and texture in her hair. It also helps to give her style a really flexible hold.

Step 4: Part your hair down the center.

To start, Nikki creates a part down the center of her hair. She teases the front section of her hair with a comb. She does it slightly to give her hair some volume. She personally loves a little bit of volume in the back but that level is really up to you and your personal preferences.

Step 5: Pull the sides back.

Once you have the desired volume, take some hair from each side of your face as you pull the hair back. She loves styles that are loose and romantic where you can leave your bangs or any additional pieces of hair out and along the side of your face.

Step 6: Create the style.

Next up is taking the strands that are in the back of your hair and cross them over. She then keeps them in place with some bobby pins that she pins in place. She used two pins for her short hair, but you can pin as much as possible until your hair stays in place.

Step 7: Make adjustments.

Assess your hair and make adjustments, as needed. Nikki mentions that this includes pulling the half up, half down style or the center where it has the most volume. You can also mess with your bangs a bit and basically have fun with your new look.

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