Tutorial: How to Do a Mermaid Hair Braid

Eunice Lucero | 05 August 2016
pink hairstyles for breast cancer awareness month mermaid braid
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Make a splash in real life (and online!) with this dreamy half-updo.

Now that every other gal in town is rocking some candy-floss locks, what’s a true mermaid hair aficionado to do? Add a braid, that’s what. Call it the world peace answer of hair—braids have this uncanny way of elevating all kinds of hairdos and instantly making them look more stylish, more savvy, more everything in our humble opinion.

Mermaid hair looks, and specifically the mermaid braid, is basically a half-updo (yeah, still not over it) with a lazy French braid. Since no actual mermaids were present for comment, we’re assuming this super-twee look gets its name from the herringbone or fishtail-like sections of hair from each side of the plait. Read on for a quick how-to on copping this girly, all-occasion mermaid hair braid:

Mermaid Hair Three-Strand Braid: How to Get the Look

mermaid hair braid wash strands

Start with clean, freshly washed hair.

Nothing gets you prettier in pink than hair that gleams. Highlight your Pinteresty color by washing hair with Dove Radiant Shine Shampoo and Dove Radiant Shine Conditioner to maximize shine and smoothness. Afterwards, towel-dry and prep with a conditioning thermal protectant, like Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist, before drying with a blowdryer.

mermaid hair braid section off fringe

Section off the crown and start braiding.

Leave the hairline (or your bang area) free, and loosely pinch sections from your crown. Start a regular three-strand braid, continuing for around 3 chain links, before incorporating new sections from alternating sides.

mermaid hair full plait

Braid halfway.

Continue braiding halfway downwards, and finish off the braid with a regular three-strand plait till the ends. Secure with a hair tie.

mermaid hair shine serum

Finish ends with shine cream.

For extra light-reflective (and Instagram filter-friendly) tresses, coat ends with a serum or smoothing cream such as Bed Head by TIGI After Party. Curl ends around your fingers to create a fun, last-minute bend on the tips. Done!

We love the mermaid hair trend, but even better when it’s with a fishtail braid. Check out our tutorial!

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