Tutorial: How to Create a Low Hair Crown

Alyssa François | 13 June 2016

The crown and glory style you’d want to wear all summer long.

‘Tis the season for festivals, weddings, and beach-approved hairstyles. We’ve got the dreamy hairstyle that’s so versatile, you’ll be able to wear it to any occasion on your calendar from bridesmaid, the workplace, or the tropics. Crown hairstyles are having a moment, so insert this low hair crown into your list of summer hairstyles you’ve got to try. It’s so simple you could probably do it with your eyes closed! Whether you have medium length or long hair, read on to learn how you can create this cool hair crown style on your hair.

How to Create a Dreamy Low Hair Crown


Start clean and add a wavy texture.

Begin with freshly washed, dry and detangled hair. If you’re after a beachy wave type of texture, spritz a salt spray into your hair, twist hair then loosen to reveal your wave. We like to opt for Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to create a loose, textured look with full-bodied waves. For added shine to your waves, apply Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil then proceed to the next step,








Create section and tie into loop.

Gather two small sections of hair on one side of your head. Loop the sections into one another by crossing the right sub-section over the left as if you’re tying a knot.





Create horizontal loops.

Continue to grab small horizontal sections, looping the ends of the hair over towards the opposite side of your head.





Finish the style.

Finish off by looping the ends back through the center of the crown and secure with a bobby pin. Let the rest of your hair hang down, allowing the ends to blend into the back section of your hair.





Final look.

If you decided to keep your hair straight without the beach wave, brush the ends of your hair to detangle and smooth the hair out post styling. Apply a hairspray like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray for a long-lasting hold and touchable hair full of body and bounce.




How was this easy hair crown tutorial for you?

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