The Curlfest Experience: 7 Women on Loving Their Natural Hair

Alyssa François | 30 June 2016

Get inspired to love your hair no matter your hair’s texture.

It may be safe to deem 2016 as the year of the most creative hairstyles out there. Over the years unique and stylish hairstyles have been worn by many, this year it seems like a lot more women are finally embracing their hair’s texture, and not caring about what others think. We love that!

This is definitely apparent in the natural hair community as more and more women are finally returning to their natural roots. It’s such a beautiful thing to see multiple natural hair textures and curl patterns unite, have fun, and spread positive energy— this is exactly what happened on Sunday, June 26th at the Curlfest natural hair festival.

Naturally curly-haired women came out to Curlfest’s third annual event showcasing their best hairstyles; many women who are thinking about embarking on their natural hair journey also attended to mingle and learn more about how they too, can make the change while still loving their hair. Unilever’s very own Dove was in attendance on the grass hosting natural hair talks, providing informational hair care tips, and of course inspiring all naturals with their #LoveyourHair campaign. From curly locs to teeny weeny afros, here are some natural- haired beauties that were present at Curlfest and why they love their hair.

curlfest dove
Dove #LoveYourHair at Curlfest 2016

Curlfest 2016: Love Your Natural Hair

curlfest short natural hair afro
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Coiled short crop a.k.a the teeny weeny afro

This curly-haired gal recently cut her hair into this beautifully coiled short crop. The teeny weeny afro is one of the best no-fuss hairstyles for the summer season. “This is the second time I’ve big chopped my hair and I love that it gives me a chance to see what I look like without hiding behind bangs, or braids,” Evelyn Jean-François stated. If you’re currently transitioning from relaxed hair or damaged natural hair, I hope this haircut complemented by this beautiful smile inspires your next big-chop. According to Evelyn, she loves that she’s proof the 4C curly hair types do have the ability to form a curl.

Courtesy of Alyssa Francois
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Mahogany brown dyed natural hair

To celebrate her natural hair anniversary, this curl-friend decided on updating her look by dying her black virgin hair mahogany brown. “My hair had its first natural hair birthday in May. As a happy birthday to my hair, I decided to dye it brown,” Shanyle Stephen stated. We’ve already told you that auburn hair can work for dark skin, here’s another example for you.

curlfest zakiya dreadlock cornrows natural hair
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Natural hair combo of locs, cornrows and twists

They say never judge a book by its cover, but after coming across this hairstyle, I had no doubt in my mind that this naturalista was into the arts— in fact after learning more about her, she is! School of Visual Arts student, Zakiya Noel, explains: “In regards to art, every artist’s work more or less looks like them. To the same effect as someone’s handwriting, it’s a tiny portrait. People meet me and think I’m a laid back and reserved person, but later learn how multifaceted I am. I love how I can showcase this with my hair.” As we can see Zakiya expresses her love for drawing and her multifaceted personality on her natural hair with this mash-up of locs, cornrows and twists.

Curlfest halo braid
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Braided hairstyle

This chic braided crown hairstyle is a great transitional hairstyle. “I like to change up my hairstyles every month. I attend Curlfest to help inspire me to transition from relaxed to natural hair,”Cieta Bollers said.

curlfest khalia curly natural hair
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Heatless curly hairstyle

Would you believe me if I told you this look was achieved without the use of heat? Yeah, I’m sure I just gave you another reason to love natural hair. This curly beauty, Khalia Harrison, achieved this look with the use of perm rods. When I asked Khalia why she loves her hair and how she felt about her Curlfest experience, she explained: “I love that I can rock my kinks one day, then another day it can be smooth and sleek. I loved attending Curlfest for the first time and seeing all of the beautifully colored hues of kinky strands styled in various creative hairstyles. It was liberating to be around so many young black women with natural hair owning their looks unapologetically and proud!”

curlfest curly locs
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Natural hair locs

Have you ever seen anything more lovely? This naturalista, Quashie-Noel, has been growing her locs since 1995 and loves that her styling options have no limit, even with locs! “To achieve my hairstyle I bent each loc upwards to my desired length to make a loop, then wrapped the remainder around the bent portion. To keep the loop in place, I tuck the ends of the loop into the bottom of the loc. Once I release, I end up with this curly look.” Quashie-Noel also mentioned that she loves having the ability to explain her hair to others “Many people think I have dreadlocks, but in fact, these are locs, there is a difference between locs and dreadlocks.”

curlfest twist out natural hair
Photo credit: Courtesy of Alyssa Francois

Twist-out on blown-out natural hair

As for me, I’ve been natural for three years now and I’m never looking back! While I also loved my hair when it was relaxed, I love how I am able to be versatile with my thick natural hair. I can be straight when I want, and wear my hair curly the next day. As you can see I am still going strong with my recent fluffy blowout and decided to try out a chunky twist out on my hair to celebrate my natural hair during the Curlfest festivities.

Did you attend Curlfest this year? What was your experience like and what do you love about your hair?

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