17 Inspirational Hairstyles for Every Face Type

Alyssa François | 24 April 2016

Looking for a style to match your face shape? Get inspired by these hairstyles.

Before today you’ve probably wouldn’t have thought you were wearing a hairstyle that actually wasn’t a fit for you. What do we mean by that? Well, there are hairstyles that work better on particular face type: square, round, oval, heart-shaped and oblong that can accentuate your features and flatter your face. “But how do you determine what style goes with certain face shapes?” You ask. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on to discover some of our favorite inspirational hairstyles for any face type.

Best Hairstyles for Any Face Type

Square Face Shape

With this face shape your forehead is broad and your jawline is square. Hairstyles such as long waves, long curls, off-center partings and graduated cuts will do wonders.

ginger hair waves
Soften up a square jawline with long curls. Photo credit: Indigital

1. Long Curls

We love how long curls or long waves plays well with a square jawline. This look is impeccable on your face shape and it’s totally up to you how loose or tight you want them to be.

off center part brown hair
An off-center part takes away from the strong symmetry of a square face. Photo credit: indigtialimages.com

2. Off -Center Part

When you play around with the positioning of your part it adds softness to your face frame and breaks up the symmetry. You can try this out even if you already have a fringe.

lob asian hair
Long bobs with longer length around the frame of your face taking away the attention from hard lines. Photo credit: Indigital

3. Graduated Cut

These layered cuts add volume and can be done on a bob or a lob. Adding a longer length towards the frame of your face accentuates and plays well with your frame.

Round Face Shape

Aren’t you all balanced out? Your rounded face is fuller, has an equal distance all around from forehead to chin, and equal distance around the cheeks. Feathered haircuts, short bangs (fringe) or a short cut will be amazing for you!

wispy blonde bob
Add layers to a short hairstyle to create a slimming effect to the face. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Feathered haircuts

These haircuts look super stylish on you, especially when the layers are cut towards your face which have a slimming effect.

micro bangs long hair
Micro bangs help add width to a full face. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Short Bangs

A short fringe helps frame your perfectly dome-shaped face whilst giving it some length, and this style is a classic.

bleach blonde crop
Show off your face frame with a super short crop. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Short Cut

Short haircuts are extremely flattering for your face shape. Go for it, try out a pixie or a page boy!

Oval Face Shape

We’ll be the first to admit: Some of us are jealous of those cheekbones of yours! Your face is structured wider around the cheekbone area with a pointed chin (in most cases) and a slightly narrow forehead. Another thing we’re envious of is your ability to rock any hairstyle since your face is like the perfect oval. Lucky you! You can downplay or highlight any feature you want with the hairstyle you choose.

Bleach long waves
Long waves on an oval face shape. Photo credit: Dvora

7. Long Waves

Whether beach made or not, rock those cheekbones of yours with some stunning waves grazing along your face frame.

8. Sleek Pixie Cut

Guaranteed to be your new favorite cut, you’d be so glad you tried it. Give this low maintenance cut a go.

blonde long hair center part
Long and sexy with a classy center part.

9. Slick straight center part

No wrong in sporting a neat and straight center part on bone straight hair. This style is timeless and sexy.

hairstyles for every face type heart shaped face bob
Accentuate the jawline with a short bob on a heart shaped face

Heart-Shaped Face

Isn’t your face shape so sweet? The eye area of your face is the widest then it narrows down towards the chin area. Bob’s or hairstyles that create volume work well on you.

short block cropped curls
Curly fringe on a short crop draw attention to your eyes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Short Voluminous Curls

Opt for a curly hairstyle that is full of volume that hit you right at the chin or above the ears.

short cut with bangs
Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

11. Bobs

Bobs cut at the chin or just below the ears are loved by heart-shaped faces. They simultaneously create balance, volume and show off that incredible bone structure around your eyes.

Wavy bob bangs
Layered curly bobs accentuate your face frame.

12. Layered bobs

Worn wavy or straight is a great option for your face shape. The layered effect of the bob creates the perfect balance around the jawline.

bob on dark brown hair
Width added to a long face with a shoulder length style. Photo credit: Indigital

Oblong or Long Face Shape

Your face shape includes a high forehead and long chin. Hairstyles like short layers, bobs with bangs and even curly bobs will help balance you all out.

ginger bob haircut
Fringes help add width to long face shapes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

13. Bob with fringe

Bobs with bangs give the illusion of width, which helps balance out those with a long and pronounced face.

short hairstyles on black women waves
Loose ringlets on a curly bob adds a sultry touch of width to a long face type. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

14. Curly bob with fringe

Let those curls be loose and free in this cute above-the-shoulder look. This can also be a fun option for straight haired ladies who want to add some bounce to their look.

black lob on long face type
Shoulder length styles are a good hack if you’re looking to add width to your face type. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

15. Shoulder length hair

We love how straight, wavy or curly hairstyles that fall to your shoulders help broaden the face.

Which of these styles are you looking to try on your face type?