Second-Day Undone Waves with Suave Summer Fridays

Eunice Lucero | 30 June 2016

Chunky, fashion-girl waves are literally at your fingertips.

Perhaps one of humanity’s biggest open secrets is that hair apparently looks better when it’s unwashed. Unfortunately, that’s where my affinity with humanity’s hair habits comes to an end, as my genes did not get the memo. Unlike the rest of y’all, my hair type—straight and fine, and like me, obedient but moody—cannot and will not look fresh or bombshell-bouncy during Day 2. And believe me, I’ve tried: Updos are fine (that second-day grit? Perf!), and those midday dry shampoo refreshes are super effective, but the sexy, undone waves that other girls can rock untouched, for days on end? No go. Never. For me, Day 2 always meant either a messy bun or a rewash, nothing else (2016 edit: Maybe a braid. ’Cause I can do fancy braids now.).

Which is why when I moseyed into Suave Summer Fridays at DreamDry in Flatiron a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what I needed them to help me with: that on-trend, chunky wavy look that everyone (but me, sniff) seemed to be wearing. And upon seeing that exact style I wanted in their lookbook, a.k.a. the “Stevie (undone),” I heard choirboys and left it all up to my trusty stylist to get to work.

undone waves looking for stevie
The Stevie “undone” look immediately spoke to me. Photo credit: JDHall Photo

Second-Day, Undone Waves, the Cleaner Way

For beachy waves, nothing beats a sea-salt infused regimen—which is what I got, top to bottom, starting with Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Body Shampoo. See, normally, I would shy away from salt shampoos because they tend to dry out my hair, and then just use a texturizing styling spray, but all I got from this formula was a light, airy softness that I was majorly feeling, even while my strands were still sopping wet. Eee, potential!



undone waves blowdry
My hair felt like it had a lighter, airier lift to it, even while being dried. Photo credit: JDHall Photo

Next up was the Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Conditioner, which had a creamy rinse-off and more of that lighter volume, not to mention a luxurious, briny-sweet scent that gave off major exclusive-spa-in-Santorini vibes.


undone waves eunice serena
Yes, yes, this pineapple photo prop definitely makes my waves look fluffier. Photo credit: JDHall Photo

The best part however came when, after I was blowdried—the sleekest I’ve had in weeks, mind you—I asked what serum she used on my hair. “Not serum,” she said, “Just the sea spray.” Drops mic. Apparently, sea salt spray can make your hair both shiny and give you beachy undone waves, two concepts I thought were entirely mutually exclusive. And when used correctly—in this case, tempered with hair oil or serum on the ends, or the “cotton candy part,” as she so euphemistically referred to my frayed tips, they can give that chunky-yet-cool, fashion-forward effect. She then proceeded to do my hair in medium-barreled curls around a curling iron, leaving just enough free space at the ends for a looser feel. The end result was easy, fluffy volume near the root and waves that looked like I’d napped in them, but in a good way. In short, the exact undone waves I’d wanted, but never seemed to ace. My childhood dreams in a bottle, who knew?

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