Orlando Pita Creates Romantic Hair for Charles Youssef SS17

Alyssa François | 08 September 2016

Romance is in the air for Spring/Summer 2017.

Every easygoing gal’s beauty dream for formal occasions: Romantic, effortless-looking hairstyles. The hair looks created at the Charles Youssef SS17 presentation for New York Fashion Week brought that dream to reality. “The hairstyles reflect the look of the Charles Youssef SS17 collection: It’s a natural texture—there’s some confinement and contained parts. There’s also free-flowing and romance in the hairstyle,” TRESemmé New York Fashion Week hairstylist Orlando Pita explains of the look.

 “It’s a natural texture—there’s some confinement and contained parts”

Orlando Pita on Romantic Hair for Charles Youssef SS17

orlando pita
Orlando Pita molds some touchable waves. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Romantic hairstyles can sometimes look and feel more stiff and stuffy, but the looks created for the collection are none of the above. To wit: Nailing this style requires anything but coats upon coats of holding spray. According to Pita, this look is created by not applying anything to the hair that makes the look feel or appear hard. To create flawless texture, some seal salt spray was applied to each model’s hair to start, and to polish it off he used some hairspray for ultra-fine control—this explains the soft, flexible and brushable texture of the finished look.

Orlando pita romantic hair
Modern romance. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

While the style looks like something that can be whipped up in just a few minutes or less, in true done-undone fashion, it actually takes a bit of time create this natural-looking finish. “There are a lot of steps to re-create the look at home”, Pita explains. If you’re anything like us though, the “don’t try this at home” rule rarely applies when it comes to nailing one of the hottest fresh-off-the-runway looks. “Maybe what someone can do is take two chunks of hair and roll them to create one ponytail in the back, then criss-cross the ends to recreate the shape,” he suggests.

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