What to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

All Things Hair | 16 November 2016
hair extensions: how to get them

Check out our list before making a lengthy decision. 

Living in the world of #LongHairDontCare, it is a bummer to be on the shorter haired-spectrum. But, that’s what hair extensions are for! Whether you want to reach new hair lengths or simply want to add some volume to your look, different types of hair extensions can allow your hair goals to come to life. Before automatically signing up for hair extensions, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and what to look for so that you can avoid fake-looking extensions or an overall cheap look. We’ve got you covered! Read on to check out these important hair tips to consider before you get extensions.

Consider These 6 Tips Before Getting Hair Extensions

hair extensions
Using extensions can take your hair to new lengths. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. Some hair extensions last longer than others.

Whether you opt for clip-ins, flip-ins, sewn in, tape or keratin extensions, you’re looking at varying lengths of durability. While clip-ins are the most temporary option and can be added or removed at your heart’s desire, sewn in, taped in, and keratin hair extensions have a longer lasting effect. When you get tape hair extensions, they are securely sandwiched between layers of tape that can last up to eight weeks. And when you get keratin extensions you’re looking at three to four months of gorgeously flowing locks after spending about two hours getting them glued in.

2. You always want to opt for 100% human hair.

You may have seen synthetic hair being recommended online or at a salon, but take our word, you DO NOT want this. Synthetic hair is, you guessed it, fake. Do you want your hair to look fake? Nope, didn’t think so. Plus when you begin working with synthetic hair extensions, not all are created equal meaning that you’re basically playing Russian Roulette if you decide to style using hot tools.

3. Depending on the look, you’ll want to choose hair from different parts of the world.

Yes, we’re serious. It makes sense though, if you think about it. Europeans are known for their super voluminous hair, while Asians are known for the sheer thickness of their locks. A lot of hair extensions are from these locations, but there are options to order from all over the world based on the precise look you’re aiming to achieve.

4. If “Remy” hair is available, it’s your best bet for mess-free locks.

Remy hair is the name for hair extensions that have managed to keep the hair cuticles in place. Basically this means that the hair will be super smooth and less prone to frizz than its non-remy counterparts.

5. You want hair extensions that are the same texture as your natural hair.

If you want your hair extensions to seamlessly layer in with your real hair then it’s absolutely essential to find a set that are the same texture as your natural hair. This way you will create a cohesive look that can be styled in just about the same fashion that you’re used to. 

6. Darker hair extensions tend to look more authentic.

Point blank. This is probably because when you begin to mess with lighter colors they can easily become discolored or look worn out. That said, always lean on the darker side of your chosen hue.

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