Glitter Roots Trend: Get The Look at Home

Alyssa François | 30 June 2016
asian models wear glitter roots trend

Turn your hair into the life of the party with glitter roots.

These days, when you think about party hairstyles what comes to mind? Glamorous curls, fun crimps, and no-sweat updos, right? For us, we immediately think of accessories and different ways you can add some pizzaz and sparkle to your hair, like glitter roots, for instance. The glitter roots trend has been a hit since last year and it’s still going strong. We’d like to think this started off as an arts and craft project gone wrong that was later turned into a popular way to adorn your hair, or even hide outgrown roots. However, this trend came about we like it and we think you should, too.

You may not think to wear this style on a daily basis, but definitely, add it to your list of fun hairstyles when you have an occasion that calls for it. Summer festival? Glitter roots. Fun holiday party? Glitter roots. Halloween? Glitter roots. So, are you ready to be the life of the party with your hair? Or have some roots that need to be artfully disguised? Read more about how to do glitter roots in our easy tutorials.

Rocking The Hair Glitter Roots Trend

woman with red brown hair embraces glitter roots trend
Want to turn the glitter roots trend up a notch? Opt for piling larger sequins on your hair. Photo credit: Indigital

Step 1: Style your hair

On clean hair, part your hair in the direction you want it to be styled. Detangle your hair using a brush, concentrating on the ends as you make your way up to the roots. This will ensure that you’re starting off with a smooth and tangle-free canvas. You can opt to style your hair into an updo like space buns or leave it down.

Step 2: Create mixture and apply

Using an applicator brush or your hands, apply a gel like TRESemmé TRES TWO Mega Firm Control Gel to the roots of your hair then sprinkle glitter over the gel. Alternatively, mix gel and glitter together in a bowl and stir it around. Use your hands or an applicator brush to apply the mixture to your roots. If you’re using the glitter roots trend as a way to disguise your outgrown dye job be sure to cover from the root to the demarcation line in your hair.


Step 3: Add an extra touch and allow gel to dry

If you want to turn things up just a little bit, strategically place larger sequins onto your hair before your gel dries. If it happens to dry before you do, don’t fret, simply apply gel directly to the sequin and place it onto your hair. Once you’ve created the look you desire, leave your hair alone and allow the gel to dry.

woman with rooted blonde hair wears the glitter roots trend
Use the glitter roots trend as a cool way to hide your roots.

DIY Glitter Roots Tips

mix products to create glitter roots

Step 1: Mix your glitter concoction.

We know you’ll have fun with this one. Mix up a concoction of the TRESemmé Tres Two Extra-Firm Control Gel and some glitter (color choice is all you). This gel will enable a firm hold of the glitter without making your hair look sticky or wet. Pour equal parts of glitter and gel into a bowl. Use a brush to mix it together.


Step 2: Make your space buns.

Create two adorable space buns. This starts by brushing your hair and parting it down the middle. We like to use the end of the comb to create the part. Create two high pigtails and secure them with a thin elastic band. Wrap your hair around each pigtail, creating a tight bun. Secure with some bobby pins.

brunette woman applies product for glitter roots
Apply a thick layer of your gel and glitter creation for maximum results.


brunette woman applies glitter for glitter roots
Apply throughout your roots for the best coverage.

Step 3: Use a brush to apply.

Using a hair brush or a paint brush, apply a thick layer of the glitter roots concoction to your roots. Make sure to cover the entire root area from the top to the bottom. You can vary the degree of thickness or thinness, depending on your preference.

Ed’s note: While we love glitter hair roots, it can be a pain to wash out. Take that into consideration if you have an important meeting, life event, etc post-glitter root day. 

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