The Blonde Hair Diaries: How I Found the Best Place for a Haircut Near Me

Eunice Lucero | 10 November 2016

Square one isn’t such a scary place to start.

It’s not easy finding your “people,” whether that resonates for you via a no-fail nail place, the bar that makes a martini just the way you like it or a salon that gets your hair color just right. In my case, that list of regulars includes finding the best place for a haircut near me.

I relocated to New York in 2013, and it was a move prefaced by already having built a steady beauty roster of Old Reliables, from skincare to even brow and lash maintenance. This gave my whole experience of starting over an extra layer of tediousness—despair, even, as any beauty girl is wont to feel when suddenly untethered to her security blankets.

How I Found the Best Haircut Near Me

haircut near me phone research
Put those lurking skills to good use.

For anyone else going through the same anxiety I did when I first had to start over, I’m sharing a few tips that helped me find the best colorist and haircut near me. Consider this a PSA for beauty addicts:

1. Go online.

The first line of attack? The Internet, obvs. Start with first searching for a salon whose clients’ looks you love, then narrow down based on your destination. I was lucky enough to move to NYC, where there was no shortage of celebrity stylist-driven salons and all other sorts of haircut gurus. Cast a wide net and check out reviews from your trusted beauty tastemakers—magazines, editors, beauty websites—to help you come up with options.

2. Get social.

Hop on social media and see whether or not that chosen salon has an Instagram account—you’ll get a better feel of its aesthetic (that photo grid is quick and helpful that way). You’ll also learn where that salon is based and if that salon has other locations cross-country.

3. Ask a friend.

If possible, try soliciting the help and opinions of a friend who’s been to your salon of choice. Nothing paints a clearer picture than a real-life testimonial, and you can be privy to some insider knowledge on the little details, such as their least busiest days and even what products they use in-house. (super important!)

haircut near me ask a friend
Building up your list of beauty regulars takes time… and a discerning eye.

4. Be ruthless.

When I first started shopping around for the best haircut near me, I was a bit scared of ruffling the feathers of my previous stylists and aestheticians, most of whom I’ve built years-long relationships with. It felt like I was cheating on old friends, but, alas, distance is a tricky beast, and I ultimately had to prioritize—you need an accessible glam team, after all.

5. Be open-minded.

Within reason, of course. Be open to some trial and error, especially when you’re in unchartered waters, a.k.a. a big, unfamiliar city. Take each little beauty mistake as a learning opportunity, and never forget that you’re only one appointment away from finding your next forever favorite. Good luck in your search!

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