Ready to Chop Your Long Hair? What You Should Consider

Allison | 22 December 2016

What you should know before you chop. 

With the new year comes the new hair itch. Whenever January rolls around you might be scoping out whether cutting long hair should be on your list of haircuts to try. As one of the biggest chops to get, you’ll want to make sure that you are ready for this whole new you. So, before you make the big leap, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. Read on to check some of the top four things you should consider before cutting long hair.

Cutting Long Hair: What To Know Before You Lop Your Mop

cutting long hair
Ready for the big chop? Consider a faux bob to see how it looks before you chop. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

1. How Will it Really Look?

One of the scariest parts of chopping off your long hair is figuring out how it will look afterwards! You can take a look at different short haircuts for your face shape to get an idea. But, until you actually cut it you’ll never know what it will look like, right? Wrong! You can totally fake a short haircut if you have long hair. The shortest you’ll be able to do is a faux bob with long hair (faking a pixie would be better done with a wig). This is the best way to see how your hair and face will look with less hair. Try out for a few days and if you feel good with the shorter length, go for it!

2. Styling Changes

Styling long hair versus short hair is a totally different ballgame. You’ll need to learn how to curl short hair (without burning your fingers). The products you’ll need on standby will be totally different, too. Stock up on products like S Factor By TIGI Creamy Molding Wax that works to mold your shorter hair in place.


3. Short Hair Maintenance

When you have really long hair, an extra inch in either direction doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. When you have a bob or a pixie cut, on the other hand, an extra inch longer or shorter makes a huge difference. This means you’ll need to keep your hair stylist on speed dial and a note in your calendar to get a trim every six weeks or so. With regular trims your short hair will always look great.

4. Hair Donation

If you’ve got waist-length long hair and you’re thinking about making the chop, hair donation may a great option as a way to give back. Most hair donation programs have different rules about the hair they accept. Across the board though, almost all require that your hair is un-dyd so that it can be dyed with other hair to make a wig all one color. Check out different hair donation sites in your area to check out their specific rules.

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