Jeanie Syfu Creates Clean Hair Adorned at Naeem Khan SS17

Serena Norr | 15 September 2016

Clean hair never goes out of style.

As we mentioned, we were in awe of the collection from Naeem Khan at New York Fashion Week. Inspired by vivid colors, and interestingly, his love of cooking, the collection was dedicated to his mentor, Halston, who he worked for it in the ’70s. This was clearly evidenced on the clean hair trend that TRESemmé Stylist Jeanie Syfu created for the show. Signified by its composed, yet loose blowout hair, we got the insider scoop on this look from an interview with Syfu. Read on to learn more about the clean hair look as seen at NYFW.

Jeanie Syfu Creates Clean Hair for NYFW

Jeanine Syfu Creates Clean Hair for NYFW

All Things Hair: What’s the inspiration for the hair today?

Jeanie Syfu: The inspiration for today is the Halston ’70s girl. It’s a very minimal, effortless beauty look as well as the makeup for a very natural look. For this look, we are creating blowouts but we are using the girls’ natural hair texture. We are really using our hands as a tool and using tension and pulling the hair with our blowdryer to create texture to make the hair smooth enough. We also want to leave a little fluffiness to the hair for that clean, lived-in look.

clean hair from Naeem Khan on NYFW
Finished look at the Naeem Khan show for NYFW. Photo credit:

All Things Hair: Tell us about where the hair part comes in?

Jeanie Syfu: We are a getting a nice polish through the part. That’s kind of where the balance is – we are getting a really nice, center graphic clean part. Then, we are blowdrying the top section with a round brush. We then flip everything over so we get a nice fullness, volume and finish at the top. Then, the natural texture is underneath. And then we are using our brushes, if needed, to polish the ends. But we are leaving that fluff in the interior, so it looks like they didn’t do their hair.

get the clean hair look with help from some TRESemmé products

All Things Hair: What products were used to create this look?

Jeanie Syfu: We are using the TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel for a blowout, which gives the hair a little more strength. I really like the texture that I am getting with it because it has a finish to it and gives the hair a stronger hold than a mousse, which I needed. For girls that have naturally voluminous hair, we are using mousse. Then, we are spraying some of the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Spray to our hands and lightly dusting the hair where nothing is really sprayed directly on the hair. We are really looking for clean and natural-looking hair.

clean hair naeem khan 22s17
All different hair types and textures graced the Naeem Khan show. Photo credit:

All Things Hair: What about girls’ with natural hair textures?

Jeanie Syfu: We have 18 girls who have natural textures in the show. We are just using a pick for their afros and working with their natural textures. It’s going to be a really nice show with a lot of different hair textures.

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