Editors’ Picks: Alyssa’s Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Alyssa François | 09 December 2016

A few of my favorite things! 

Around Christmas time, I get really generous. I hit up every sale, and snag every cute item on the rack. This year, I’m sticking to the basics. Instead of buying my loved ones clothing, fragrance or gadgets, I’ve decided to get them gifts that will help them take better care of their skin and hair (with the exception of one). Here’s what’s on my list for Christmas 2016.

Alyssa’s Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas 2016 nexxus ultimate moisture pack
A must-have pack for the holidays from Nexxus.

For my mom:

My mom taught me the importance of making sure your hair and skin looks presentable at all times. Her words: “Your face and hair is the first thing people see when they meet you, and the last thing they’ll ever forget.” Thanks mom! Since I know she’ll appreciate hair care products for her TWA, I’m buying her the Nexxus New York Salon Care Steps to Ultimate Moisture Gift Set featuring the Nexxus New York Salon Care Therappe and Humectress Rebalancing Shampoo and the Nexxus New York Salon Care Therappe and Humectress Restoring Conditioner for Christmas.



For my dad:

My dad loves a good cup of joe on the go. This Christmas, I’m getting him a personalized stainless steel bobble for his coffee from Water Bobble.

For my brother:

One of the very few guys I know that actually takes time out on Sunday to pamper his hair and skin, is my brother. To make his routine easier, a subscription to Dollar Shave is the best gift a sister to give.

Christmas 2016 axe collection clean cut

For my boyfriend:

I’ve been helping my boyfriend refine his hair and skincare routine. Right now, his main focus is hair health and smelling good. For Christmas, I’m getting him the Axe Collection with Clean Cut Gift Pack.

For my BFF’s:

All of my friends come to me for beauty advice. This Christmas I want to provide them with the basics by gifting skincare products that are easy to use. I love the Kate Somerville Glowing Skin Starts Here Kit.

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