2016 Bridal Hair Trends: Interview with Magnolia and Pearl

Serena Norr | 27 September 2016

The hottest wedding hair trends you’ve got to try.

Trying to figure out the right bridal hair ideas for your big day? It’s not always easy to find the best hairstyle that both matches your dress and your personality. To learn more about bridal hair trends, All Things Hair had the chance to chat with Stephany Donohue, Owner and Lead Bridal Hair Stylist and Hair Care Specialist at Magnolia and Pearl, about the latest bridal hair trends and hairstyle ideas for 2016. Check out our interview with Donohue to get inspired to try something new on your special day.

Bridal Hair Trends

All Things Hair: What are some popular wedding hair trends you’ve been seeing for fall?

Stephany Donohue: Fall brings a wonderland and dreamy effect to weddings. The bridal hair trends seem to follow suite. Styles requested by a majority of brides include some level of braiding. Whether it is an intricate updo or a half up/half down look, brides are asking for some type of braiding detail to be added to their locks.

All Things Hair: What are some of the best wedding hairstyle ideas for those who have long hair? short hair?

Stephany Donohue: The best look for brides with longer hair is pretty much anything! Having longer hair lends to having more hairstyle options. A bride with long hair can wear both up and down. Shorter haired brides can choose to add some hair accessories to their style in order to give more of a pop to the look.

bridal hair updo with braids
A two-in-one hairstyle- the braid and updo is so hot for 2016. Photo credit: @magnoliapearlbrides

All Things Hair: Tell us about some of the braided hairstyles you’ve created?

Stephany Donohue: Most of my braided work has been quite simple at the request of my brides. An accent braid that adds some dimension to the look is what most brides gravitate towards.

bridal hair updos
The updo is a chic way to get your hair off your neck for your wedding. Photo credit: @magnoliapearlbrides

All Things Hair: What do you predict will be some wedding hairstyle trends in 2017?

Stephany Donohue: The whimsical braided ‘dos will be sticking around for 2017, for sure!

All Things Hair: What’s the best way to direct a bride-to-be on her hair when she’s unsure of what to do?

Stephany Donohue: I would tell an unsure bride to describe the way she feels about her hair either up or down(most of us have a preference). Then, I would ask what kind of styling seems more natural to her, whether it may be a more “classic, put together look” or the “messy, but together look.” Those are great starting points to help any bride zone into her personal wedding day style.

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