5 Minutes with Louise Roe at NYFW

Serena Norr | 15 September 2016

Talking hair backstage at NYFW with Louise Roe.

During New York Fashion Week we have the incredible to opportunity to check out so many hair trends before they adorned the runway. During the Marissa Webb show for New York Fashion Week, this was particularly exciting where we had the chance to meet Louise Roe. As a TV personality, model and actress, Roe is always on the move while managing to look gorgeous in the process. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about her hair, which included getting the insider scoop on some of her favorite hair treatments and products. Read on to learn more about Louise Roe and her fabulous hair.

5 Minutes with Louise Roe

Louise Roe
Louise Roe was rocking the half top-knot at the Marissa Webb show in NYC. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

All Things Hair: What does your typical hair routine look like?

Louise Roe: I wash it every 2 – 3 days and often air-dry in California, as it’s so warm. I use a hair mask on the ends every week or two. I have my hair styled a lot for work, so I’ll just spray some dry shampoo in there for some second day bed-head.

All Things Hair: What is your one indulgent hair treatment that you have to get?

Louise Roe: I love a protein treatment at the salon. It makes my hair feel so clean and full. Plus, it strips it of junk and literally changes its color!

All Things Hair: What is a hair product must have that you always have in your hair

Louise Roe: The TRESemmé Volumizing Fresh Start Dry ShampooI’m obsessed.


All Things Hair: What hairstyle would you love to try on your hair but never have?

Louise Roe: To be honest, being TRESemmé‘s ambassador, I try out every runway look during fashion week, so there isn’t much I haven’t tried!

All Things Hair: If you’re not working or at an event how do you typically wear your hair?

Louise Roe: Up in a messy high bun.

All Things Hair: What hair color would you love to try one day and why?

Louise Roe: Dark red hair would be cool.

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